Challenges in Mobile App Testing

Mobile users have increased over the passage of time, making software testing more challenging for all businesses. Whether it is a startup or a large enterprise, the need to hire a good performance testing company remains. This exponential increase in mobile users calls for rigorous testing, which is only possibleContinue Reading

Automation Testing Tools

There is no doubt automation testing is the best ingredient for developing high-quality software. Automation testing improves testing accuracy, executes tests faster, repeats tests. However, choosing the right automation testing tool is a determining step for successful test automation. Automation testing companies use different tools for their software testing needs.Continue Reading


There is no doubt that discovering security issues in a software development life cycle can save time, resources and money. Organizations use security testing tools such as SAST (Static Application Security Testing) and IAT (Interactive Application Security Testing) to prevent vulnerabilities in software applications. With a proactive approach, testing teamsContinue Reading