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How To Protect Your Phone from Hacking?

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:29 am

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Mobile phones—you see them everywhere in the hands of people: while walking, on subways, in office, malls, and many other places. We can’t imagine our life without checking our mobile phone when waking up and before sleeping. As we are very much dependent on our phones, we have to keep the element of security in our minds. Nowadays, hacking is very common and if we are not taking proper precautions, our phone security can be compromised.

In today’s article, we are going to tell you about important aspects of security related to mobile phones. We will discuss, how you can identify that your mobile is hacked? How you can protect it from hacking? How you can keep your loved ones safe from hacking? Furthermore, we will also discuss the role of the smartphone monitoring app to ensure your security and will tell you about one of the best smartphone monitoring with all the important details about it that you should know.

How To Identify That Your Mobile Phone Is Hacked?

If you are going to face the following problems while using your mobile, then there is a huge chance that your smartphone is hacked:

Reduced Battery Life: Is your mobile battery draining fast with daily use over time? If you are going to yes, then there is a chance that your smartphone has been affected by malware. The battery gets affected because the phone resources are being used to scan a device and deliver the information to another server.

Slack Mobile Performance: Does your application stops working randomly? Do your mobile stops working abruptly? If yes, then this will be due to malware in your mobile that will be overloading your phone or stops the application functioning.

Increased Data Usage: Noticing a rise in mobile’s data bill over time? This might be due to malware installed on your phone and it will be working in the background to transfer information to another server.

Frequent Pop-ups: Not all the popups are harmful but most of them can transfer malware on your mobile. Some popups act as a phishing link to get user sensitive information or let the user download more malware in the device. Furthermore, some also appear to force users to view some pages for generating revenue through links.

Unknow Emails and Social media Activities: When a phone is hacked, the hacker gets access to everything inside your mobile including photos, video, text messages, and social media accounts. If you notice an unknown email sent from your side or any odd activity on your social media accounts, then you should get your mobile checked by an expert.

Mobile Turns Off: Did your mobile shut down while using it in your daily routine? This might be due to malware on your mobile.

How To Protect Your Mobile Phone From Hacking?

Some important tips to protect your mobile phone from hacking are as follows:

Don’t Handover Your Phone to Anyone Else: It is not a good idea to give your phone to anyone. Not even your partner should have that kind of access to your privacy. Furthermore, you should never leave your phone unattended in any of the public places.

Frequently Change Your Password: You should be changing your password over time. Don’t keep easy to guess passwords like 1234, 0000, or other easy codes.

Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi: Most of the people use public Wi-Fi when outside the house. If you are using it, then don’t use your banking app or view other sensitive information on a public Wi-Fi.

Get a Good Antivirus App: You should buy a well-reputed anti-virus app to scan your phone for malware.

Always Use VPN: A Virtual Private Network lets you browse safely and reduce the chances of hacking.

Check App Permission: Carefully check what permission is granted to apps. Sometimes, few apps might be gathering your personal data.

How Smartphone Monitoring Apps Can Protect Your Loved Ones from Hacking?

There is a possibility that your parents, children, or wife may not be aware of threats like hacking. If your loved ones are not aware of this threat, then how you are planning to save them from the hands of hackers? Well, the first thing will be educating them about all the safety practices as mentioned above. After that, you can also consider using a smartphone monitoring app to monitor their safety.

Now, let’s talk about one of the best smartphone monitoring apps known as XNSPY. Let’s see how it can be useful:

XNSPY – Smartphone Monitoring App You Need!

It is a renowned app that comes with great features that will ensure the complete security of a mobile phone. It is mostly used by parents to monitor their children and by an employer to monitor their employees. This app is compatible with Android versions 4 and above and iOS versions 6 and above.

As far as the price of the app is concerned, the basic version will cost you $4.99 per month with limited features. On the other hand, the premium version will cost you $7.49 per month. In this, you can use all the exciting features without any barrier.

How XNSPY Will Enhance Your Security?

As said, the XNSPY comes with a long list of useful features. But some features that will ensure the security of yours and your loved one’s smartphone are:

App Management: With XNSPY, you can easily view all the apps installed in a device. If you find any suspicious app, you can simply uninstall it. Moreover, you can also monitor the instant messaging apps and other social media platforms along with the email sent or received. With this, you can easily identify the phishing attempts. You can also check the browsing history and saved bookmarks on a device.

Calls and Text Messages Monitoring: The app allows you to monitor the call log, SMS/MMS sent or received. Note that, calls and text messages are the passages through which spyware programs get updated and liaise with the hackers. Through this, you can find out any suspicious happening on your mobile.

Quick Alerts: XNSPY watch list allow you to add a specific word, contacts, and location. Once any related activity occurs, the app will send you an instant notification. After that, you can turn on or turn off the relevant setting to keep your mobile safe.

GPS Tracking and Remote-Control Function:

This feature will allow you to track the location of the mobile. This will be helpful when a phone is lost. Furthermore, you can remotely control your mobile phone. For instance, you can lock your phone if stolen or can remove data if needed. But don’t forget to keep a backup of your important information.

What do You Need To Install XNSPY?

For Android: To install it, you should have physical access to the mobile device you are going to monitor.

For iOS: No physical access is needed but you will need the Apple ID/Password,  of the device to be monitored.

Benefits and Drawbacks of XNSPY

Let’s have a look at the benefits and drawback of XNSPY:


  • Affordable price as compared to competitors
  • Instant alerts to keep you updated
  • Better data security and ap management.


  • To use some features, rooting (Android) or jailbreaking(iPhone) is required. Remember, this will increase security concerns.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, now you will be aware of all the signs regarding hacking and protective measures to keep your mobile device safe. All the measures will not fully protect you from hacking, but it will reduce the chances of hacking. Now you are also aware of the role of XNSPY in improving your mobile’s security. More importantly, a person should be investing in your security because the threat of hacking can’t be ignored.