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13 Simple Kitchen Ideas to Organize your Kitchen Space

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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Despite having enough space at your apartments or homes, they still tend to be lacking in kitchen space. Fortunately, lots and lots of small kitchen ideas can help you organize and maximize your kitchen’s storage space. Organizing your kitchen space is always tied in with working with your space’s format, regardless of whether your kitchen is enclosed to a single wall, U-shaped, or wrapped up in a corner. Ahead, we’ve listed 13 simple kitchen design ideas to help you maximize your kitchen space. Regardless of whether you’re remodeling and begin from scratch or simply hoping to refresh your current space, you’ll need to check these out! 

1. Add a prep spot 

You might not have space to extend or add a full island, so consider bringing a table that can carry out twofold tasks for you as a spot for prep and dining. This might sound like simple kitchen ideas, but this will give you much help, especially cooking food. Using a narrow console can fill in as a spot to set your tools and ingredients while preparing food.

2. Install or add pendant lights or striking light accessories

You can add or install lights to help brighten your entire kitchen space. Sometimes, you can never have sufficient lighting in a kitchen, so it is a better idea to add a down-light placed over the island and a prep spot for cooking. Having good lighting in the kitchen is essential when preparing food.

3. Consider removing upper cupboards

For easy and convenient access to your dishes and glasses, using open shelves can be a great option since it is amazingly useful and functional. But adding that, ensure to consider the architectural design of your kitchen as it doesn’t always make sense to have upper cupboards, especially if your ceiling is about ten feet high.

4. Add extra seating to your small kitchen

You can use that extra counter area for your morning espresso or casual dinners. All you have to do is pull up a couple of barstools and take advantage of using that extra dining place.

5. Add some greenery 

Plants can help liven up any space, including your kitchen. You can always add your indoor trees, air-purifying plants, and pet-friendly plants to find out what greenery may make you excited.

6. Install or add a floating table 

On the off chance that your L-formed kitchen faces a blank divider, why not use and take advantage of it? Consider adding or installing a floating rack or table for an extra counter or dining space. Managing a limited space? Use a table that can crease down to be flush with your wall when not being used. 

7. Add a kitchen island

Regardless of whether your kitchen is on the narrow side, you can, in any case, get a tiny kitchen island. You can consider adding a rolling island, which can be pushed far removed once your food is prepared. Remember that having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t add an island because you definitely can. All you need to do is to put it on wheels with the goal that when you’re working, and you need an island, it’s there, and when the visitors show up, you can push it over aside or move it into the lounge area or family room and let it be the bar.

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8. Make your kitchen island stand out

The island is considered the centerpiece in your kitchen, so why not make it look exceptional? Have a go at covering the base in a bold shading that can blend or complement with the other cabinetry you have.

9. Make sure to super organize inside your cupboards

For any small space (kitchens or something else), getting organized with your kitchen utensils and materials is a must-do. At the point when space comes at a higher cost than normal, you can’t stand to squander any of it—even the secret space inside your cupboards. Spice-sorting systems, stock up on risers, and whatever else that will smooth out and Kitchen Wall Art design ideas help you maximize your kitchen storage space.

10. Keep your materials durable

Indeed, even a little space can look smooth and put-together. Go for board-prepared appliances and match them to the cabinetry and ledges for a minimalist kitchen look. 

11. Use over the cabinet organizers

You can always maximize the usage of the back of your cabinets for storage. Using this to place your potholders and cleaning supplies is a great space-saver. There are actually many over the door organizers to help you; here are some we can recommend:

  • Use over the cabinet bakeware storage
  • Use over the cabinet double basket
  • Use over the cabinet paper towel holder

12. Consider using cabinet shelf risers

Having a shelf within your extra shelf is by adding a shelf riser. It is essential and very functional in keeping your cups or mugs, separating dinner and salad plates. Likewise, you can also use it for storing your pantry items, Tupperware, spices, and many more.

13. Don’t forget using above your fridge

If you still have space above your Fridge, then make out the most of it- USE IT. Whether you placed a cabinet up there or is just space, it is still a storage space to store your stuff. You can use a basket and put it above your Fridge as they’re easier to take up and down.


Organizing your kitchen space can be a challenging task, regardless of how big or small your space is. With all the stuff you need to place in your kitchen, sometimes it is difficult to decide where to place or store things like cutting boards, food container lids, pot lids, food wraps, and many more. Keeping your kitchen tidy while also ensuring that everything you need to prepare food is still accessible isn’t so simple a task. Choosing the right custom kitchen cabinets and storage would be a great idea to maximize kitchen space.