Apple Annual Event News

Apple’s annual event took place on September 10, 2019. The tech giant launched Apple TV Plus, Arcade – a video gaming service, Apple Watch Series 5, iPhone 11 and a new iPad. These innovative products created much buzz, yet questions of privacy were unaddressed, leaving the public with many speculations.Continue Reading

Instagram Marketing For Ecommerce Website

With more than 300 million users, Instagram is a leading social media platform today. Due to its massive user base, every famous brand has an online presence on Instagram. The fact that it is a great marketing platform encourages every business, including popular brands as well as startups, to benefitContinue Reading

Big Data Is The Next Game Changer

Big Data, automation techniques, smart technology, and advanced analytics are changing the dynamics of every industry. Whether it is retail, commercial properties, electronics or even insurance industry, there are thousands of use-cases and implementations of Big Data found everywhere. In the digital era, when technology adaptation is not a trendContinue Reading

Bank Cyber-Attacks

Bank robbery—it’s one of the oldest crimes in the book. This get-rich-quick scheme, while not always successful, often leaves criminals untouched. Though the goals of bank robbers have remained the same over the years, their methods have evolved. Today’s bank robbers are hiding behind the screen, using targeted and sophisticated cybercrime tactics and leaving IT teams struggling to keep their networks and their vaults secure. [ Effective securityContinue Reading