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Handling Brain Drain In Pakistan- Focusing IT Industry

Last updated on April 5th, 2024 at 10:27 am

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We’ve heard it frequently enough at family/friends tables and formal conversations about Pakistan’s youth and one issue is brought up constantly – Pakistan’s brain drain. With 63 of these 220 million people country under the age of 30, the brain drain represents a significant proportion of the population and their resentment to leave Pakistan which in turn glasses a deeply defective system where Pakistan is unfit to retain and use its best gift.

 While there may be different reasons for the youth to reach its full eventuality in Pakistan, some of which include lack of occasion, tough circumstances, an enduring terrain, or unsupportive parents. Looking at the figures, around nine million Pakistanis presently work abroad which includes both professed and unskilled labor as well as scholars going abroad for their undergrad or graduate studies. Therefore, it isn’t surprising when we hear the comment, what will you do if you remain in Pakistan? These reflections are a sobering memorial of the deep resentment and distrust of the openings in bones’ motherland if Pakistan were suitable to use its stylish gift it could come to an artificial hustler in the area and help with some other deep-seated issues similar to the balance of payment and the import- import issues. While the recent investment of two major companies videlicet, Kleiner Perkins and Nestle, are promising signs of a hopeful future as well as the A backing secured by youthful Pakistani council graduates, it still goes a long way towards addressing the issues that would (incompletely) stop the brain drain.

 The last many times have witnessed a sharp rise in brain drain in Pakistan. According to the Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment, over thousands Pakistanis headed abroad for employment in 2022. The Tribune broke down the composition of those leaving more than 500,000 IT experts have left Pakistan. This is because the software development lead industry and the software testing industry are not providing them with sufficient opportunities. The remaining were laborers traveling to the Gulf States for earning their livelihood – and are inestimable sources of remittances for the country – but it’s the high number of professed individualities departing that’s cause for concern.

 likewise, largely professed gift generally finds an easy migration path. Although there are multiple factors at play, the core reasons – especially for the presently escalated pace and scale of brain drain – are abating profitable openings, growing pessimism, and the possibility of long-term profitable difficulty, whereas a life abroad offers a guaranteed enhancement to the quality of life and a better return on investment of time and labor, as well as a “ secure ” future for seed.

 The issue is presently being further aggravated by political insecurity, unstable openings, a grueling law and order situation, unhealthy plant societies, and an overwhelmed healthcare and education system falling piecemeal at the seams due to several systemic issues performing in rampant price fleecing by a raptorial private sector. The largely educated, in particular, are brazened by a lack of growth openings and shifting profitable stability.

 To stem the intimidating problem of brain drain and to retain precious gifts in the country, a multifaceted approach needs to be taken. Political insecurity and profitable growth are deeply intertwined. According to a report by the World Bank, political insecurity gives rise to social fermentation and governance issues. The government should work in a combined way to attack the current extremity and apply long-term profitable restructuring and social reforms that admit the reality that Pakistan’s population has a significant youth portion of 65 percent which can either turn out to be a massive liability or an inconceivable asset.

 The establishment of comprehensive profitable restructuring and reforms for profitable growth are optimal paths to retain, and to some limited extent, attract largely professed gifts. It must be assured that the country has a conducive terrain, which can only be achieved by icing good governance, stability, progress, and an indifferent system that rewards gift and hard work, and access to the affordable casing in particular. The soaring prices of real estate have pushed the salaried class out of the casing request unless they’ve access to hefty savings, which in turn makes migration more charming.

 It’s inarguable that professed Pakistani professionals who are formerly working in developed countries will prefer to remain where they will be retained by easy paths to endless migration. Since Pakistan’s frugality is at an experimental stage and society is mired in a wide range of issues, the heavy subsidization of advanced degrees should, rather, be shifted to enhance primary and secondary education, and stimulant entrepreneurial conditioning and practical, pukka skill development programs that can serve within the current constraints and requirements of the domestic frugality.

 As the authentic news sources stated that Pakistani launch-ups saw an affluence of US$ 350 million in investment in 2022 and have the eventuality to garner indeed lesser quantities, as well as produce employment within the country. The Pakistanie-commerce request has also seen emotional growth numbers. In 2022, thee-commerce requests generated nearly US$7.7 billion in profit. Statista, a German data aggregator prognosticated that by the time 2023- 2025, there will be an increase in the periodic profit by 6.09 percent and a projected request volume of US$9.1 billion by 2025. With the rise of digital frugality and digitization of frugality and services, Pakistani youth can tap into better employment and business openings, especially if digital and fiscal knowledge and chops are enhanced along with robust digital structure and access to the backing. This modernization trouble will help induce profit aqueducts domestically and from remittances, as well as use and retain gifts locally.

 also, indigenously developed results, invention, and value addition are needed in the fields of assiduity, husbandry, manufacturing, and finance to enhance productivity, encourage growth, and absorb trained mortal coffers. The government, applicable stakeholders, and implicit investors will need to strategically unite to incentivize and grease largely professed professionals to remain in Pakistan by icing that they can lead productive, healthy, and satisfying lives within Pakistan.

 Measures To Prevent Brain Drain

  1. Providing Relevant Job Openings

 Special institutions should be set up to honor gifts from the primary position( especially in STEM) and the children should be consequently prepped to help them perform for Pakistan in the loftiest situations and to completely honor their implicit

  1. Financing

 Many times the most talented and resourceful hail from the most depressed of backgrounds and therefore backing can serve as a crucial enabler to help honor their academic dreams and intentions.

  1. Promoting a culture of entrepreneurship and invention

 According to a recent estimate, nearly 80 Pakistani startups were initiated by people under the age of 30, numerous of whom were fresh council graduates. This goes on to show the deep position of entrepreneurship and how current this culture is in Pakistan. The government and other public institutions can promote and encourage this culture by furnishing subventions to similar startups, which will in turn lead to an increase in their number. This will help to create more software development companies. 

  1. 4. Promoting Gender Equality

 Pakistan was later declared as one of the most unstable countries for women where women track men in the position of education, number of openings, and indeed their socioeconomic condition. Women are hourly not indeed allowed to venture out of their homes which reflects the traditional patriarchy of numerous middle-class Pakistani homes. Numerous times, indeed parents discourage their women attain the position of education needed for similar jobs. This is more dangerous as we’ve half of our crowd, unfit to productively and effectively contribute their ideas or their opinions while unfit to share due to their gender, go abroad to pursue their careers and lead meaningful and poignant lives.


The brain drain represents a serious excrescence of our incapability to retain our best talent and the below presented implicit results can help stem the problem if the government and the institutions are willing to play their part in helping Pakistan grow on a profitable and social position.


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