Primary Healthcare by Using Smartphone Apps

Mobile app developers are introducing new ideas for delivering primary healthcare to meet consumers’ demands, involving smartphones and artificial intelligence (AI). It is a moment for smartphone app developers to address patients’ issues, who do not require a visit to a traditional medical office. These issues include their concern asContinue Reading

Mobile Devices in Healthcare

Medical professionals are increasingly relying on the use of mobile devices as part of their work, using them to store patient data and provide essential healthcare functions. This guest post from Home Healthcare Adaptations shows how mobile devices could aid the work of medical professionals. What is Mobile Health Technology?Continue Reading

Top EHR Software Companies

Just like any other industry, the technology revolution has taken over healthcare as well. Medical practices are shifting from paper-based methods to electronic ones. Electronic health record (EHR), also known as an electronic medical record (EMR) is a digital version of a patient’s paper chart.  Modern healthcare systems rely onContinue Reading

Healthcare Apps

Healthcare is an evolving industry. Every day presents a different challenge. A disease outbreak mandates an emergency protocol. Chronic diseases make a cause for increased research. Technological advances enable new medical devices and procedures to be operational. As these advances are made, the apps must be tested regularly for theirContinue Reading