Busting Cyber Security Myths

Cyber Security is a growing concern among businesses that are starting to realize that cyber-attacks are not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of “when”. Cyber-attacks are making the headlines every day, costing millions of dollars to the companies worldwide. Despite the existence of reasons why you should beContinue Reading

Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise content management (ECM) is a set of strategies, tools, and processes that enable a business to efficiently acquire, systematize, store, and convey vital information to its workforce, stakeholders and clients. Simply put, it is designed to efficiently manage a business’s document. Free flowing information – including Excel spreadsheets, PDFs,Continue Reading

Top EHR Software Companies

Just like any other industry, the technology revolution has taken over healthcare as well. Medical practices are shifting from paper-based methods to electronic ones. Electronic health record (EHR), also known as an electronic medical record (EMR) is a digital version of a patient’s paper chart.  Modern healthcare systems rely onContinue Reading

Healthcare Apps

Healthcare is an evolving industry. Every day presents a different challenge. A disease outbreak mandates an emergency protocol. Chronic diseases make a cause for increased research. Technological advances enable new medical devices and procedures to be operational. As these advances are made, the apps must be tested regularly for theirContinue Reading

top 7 softwar testings tools this year 2019

The ever-changing software delivery process calls for more robust software testing processes and tools. In the Agile and DevOps environment, organizations ensure faster software delivery while focusing on quality. Test automation is the recent talk of the town, has gained popularity amongst organizations using Agile and DevOps methodologies. Software testingContinue Reading