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The Future of Game Development in 2024

Last updated on April 5th, 2024 at 11:21 am

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Big Data, VR, eSports, Cloud gaming… what to look for in terms of game development in 2024? Here are the main trends you should be aware of.

Most analysts agree: the videogame market will rise to $90 billion in 2020. While both big and small gaming studios are already experimenting with usage such innovative technologies as AI, VR, Blockchain and others, in the nearest future we may expect something really amazing. 

Less single-player games

The days when you bought discs and played them alone are almost past. From year to year less and less gamers prefer virtual characters to real people. With the battle royale hype which is currently led by PUBG and Fortnite game development companies have to keep up with the Game-as-a-Service trend. The last study shows that GaaS represented 40% of total 2019 revenues. And this number will definitely grow. 

More alternative ways to increase profits

New purchases and sign-ups won’t be the main ways to raise revenues. Since the numbers of new gamers slow down, the developers and publishers will look for alternative methods of gaining income. However, two ways will remain standing out: in-game ads and microtransactions. Forget billboards from the racing simulators, in 2024 you may see Under Armour, Nike, and other branded apparel either on interstitial screens or on characters’ clothes. 

In terms of in-game transactions, they will help to access new levels, characters, and accessories. And don’t forget to take into account rising popularity of Blockchain technology.

More focus on eSports 

According to a survey, where CEOs of famous game development studios participated, almost 50% believe that eSports will bring 10% or more of industry revenue in the next couple of years.

Besides soccer, basketball, and hockey videogames that attracted gamers for years, an expansion into new fields is expected. Since AR and VR have taken a solid stand at the home gaming, such sports as rugby, tennis, and even swimming and shuffleboard will show up in the gaming.

New opportunities in a 5G world

A global launch of 5G is expected in 2020. It will be a revolution in cloud gaming. Thanks to high-speed internet game developers will eventually be able to try out high quality and high definition graphics in online mobile gaming.

Live streaming will also be impacted. In a positive way, of course. 

More VR developers wanted

The global virtual reality  expansion will apparently keep on. According to the latest data, it is expected to grow up to $22.9 billion in 2020. Utilizing the latest VR headsets, tools, game engines the developers will be able to create incredibly realistic 3D graphics.

No doubt, there will be no outsourcing game development company which won’t try to take its place in the growing VR market. 

New vision in online gambling

Online gambling is going to become more immersive. 3D games, live dealers, VR casinos will be a new trend in the industry. Imagine, with VR headsets, users will taste a brand new experience playing a real-life casino in an environment which is not visually different from Las Vegas.

Everyone knows – data is new oil. Who owns information, owns the world. The more you know the more you can gain. With the facts provided in this article you can get ready for the challenges you may encounter in 2020. It doesn’t matter whether you are a developer, or a CEO of a game development studio, an investor, or an entrepreneur, – if you want to succeed in the gaming it is crucial to keep up with the trends. From year to year. From month to month. From day to day.