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Best 18 Word Scrabble Apps in 2024

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Ever since it came in a packaged box, Scrabble has been one of the most popular indoor games enjoyed by children and adults alike. With technological advancements and people’s inclination toward smartphones, Scrabble found its way online. It’s as if it never left our lives and, in fact, got better and more entertaining on our mobile devices.

Scrabble is a board game in which letter tiles are used to make words on the board and score points. It is a great game for helping children learn new words. The key to success in Scrabble lies in a powerful vocabulary and strategy. Many businesses are Integrating this concept in E-learning, thus developing blockchain-based applications with this concept.

All Scrabble lovers can find the game online through different mobile apps. Moreover, many games with similar gameplay also use Scrabble as a generic name. 

Even now, there aren’t many Scrabble mobile apps or games, which seems to be a good opportunity for Scrabble mobile app development. However, in this article, we have listed the best Word Scrabble mobile apps for 2024.

And if you’re new to Scrabble or similar word games or find them too challenging, don’t worry. Play these games alongside a word unscrambler, where you can enter your letters, giving you words you can form. Over time, it will improve your vocabulary and improve your confidence to play without one.

Here are the Top Scrabble Mobile Apps

  • WordScapes

50M+ Installs | 4.6 Rating | 1.14M+ Reviews

Well, you can try to be egotistical for a short while; however, it’s nearly impossible to keep an amazing parlor game like Wordscapes to yourself for too long.

When you notice this game has 5 stars and is additionally stratified because it is the second most well-liked mobile app game within the word class, you can tell its permanent reasons.

A fascinating feature of this game is the distinctive dance orchestra of each word search and crossword. It’s wonderful because this dance orchestra suggests that you want to play well to earn the triumph.

You must understand that this game may be an addictive package, but it is an immense library of over 3700 puzzles. For this reason, once you discover yourself within the thick of things, you’ll never contemplate quitting.

  • Scrabble Go

10M+ Installs | 4.3 Rating | 239K+ Reviews

The official game from the Scrabble brand can be found on the Scrabble Go app. The app provides all the basics of the offline board game. Additionally, it offers online multiplayer, a list of acceptable words, and the option to integrate your Facebook account. Users who loved the original board game can enjoy online Scrabble through this app.

This classic game features custom word tiles, an authentic experience, a Scrabble dictionary, and the official Scrabble board. Moreover, users can find new friends, challenge them, and chat with family and friends using emojis and phrases provided by the app. Users can also play Scrabble leagues, play in practice mode, track their stats, and unlock new levels.

The Scrabble Go app is available for free download on the Play Store and the App Store.

  • Wordfeud

10M+ Installs | 4.4 Rating | 60K+ Reviews

One of the best Word Scrabble mobile app is Wordfeud, which has a player base of 30 million people. It is a multiplayer puzzle game that can be played with friends or random players. The game has a 15X15 tile board where players can place words and earn points for creative words or placing words on the Double/Triple Letter and double/Triple Word tiles.

You can play the game for free with advertisements or pay $2.99 for the pro version to remove ads. Some of the best features available for the app users are 30 simultaneous games, chat with friends or opponents, random tile mix-ups, push notifications of an opponent’s move, and dictionaries for 10 languages.

The Wordfeud app is free to download from the Play Store and App Store.

  • Classic Words Solo

10M+ Installs | 4.4 Rating | 165K+ Reviews

For an entertaining Scrabble experience, Classic Words Solo is the best app. The app is good if you are also looking to enhance your vocabulary, as it offers definitions for every word. Moreover, users can also play solo if they do not wish to wait for their opponent’s moves. The app’s other key features are shuffle words, offline play, quit/resume games at a convenient time, and dictionaries of 7 languages.

The app allows users to choose their computer skill level and use strategy and skills to win the game. It is quite similar to other crossword board games that offer Double Letter, Double Word, etc. tiles. 

Moreover, users can also win 50 bonus points if they get a Bingo by using all the 7 letters from the rack. The app features 6 difficulty levels and supports 7 different languages. It is a great way to pass the time and educate children and adults by improving vocabulary and spelling.

The Classic Words Solo app is free to download from the Play Store and App Store.

  • Words with Friends

50M+ Installs | 4.2 Rating | 1M+ Reviews

Words with Friends is the go-to app if you want to enjoy a wordplay game with family or friends. This app offers solo challenges as well as multiplayer games. You can also play puzzle games against random players or practice crossword skills. The app also offers an in-game chat to players and an option to track their stats and progress.

The app allows users to play free games or make in-app purchases for additional content and in-game currency. So, if you want to advance your word skills and build your vocabulary or entertain yourself through a fun game with friends, the app has everything you want.

The Words with Friends app is free to download from the Play Store and App Store.

  • Word Wars

500K+ Installs | 4.3 Rating | 22K+ Reviews

Want to play Scrabble in peace without ads getting in the way? The Word Wars app offers the classic Scrabble board game with modern designs and No Ads. Users can play mini Scrabble boards if they don’t want to play too long. Moreover, they don’t have to wait for opponents to play their turns.

The app allows users to log in with their Facebook accounts and play with friends and family. It also matches players based on their skill level. Other features offered by Word Wars are broadcast challenges, weekly tournaments, in-game chat, and level-ups.

The Words War app can be downloaded for free from the Play Store and App Store.

  • Scrabble Premium

10M+ Installs | 3.9 Rating | 430K+ Reviews

Electronic Arts (EA) developed the SCRABBLE Premium mobile application, arguably the most effective Scrabble app for continuously moving folks.

We can boldly say that this app is perhaps the most effective way to enjoy games on iOS mobile devices.

The app permits you to play with friends or on a PC. This game additionally supports seven completely different languages.

To play with an admirer, you may have to be compelled to challenge them via Facebook, and you’ll be mechanically connected. The application also urges you to associate degree opponent instantly with one bit.

  • Word Jewels

100k+ Installs | 4.8 Rating | 1.3K+ Reviews

Word Jewels two is an easy but extremely habit-forming parlor game. In many moves, you’ll be required to form words that use the red jewels solely.

Because this game is sensible, you must be at the highest level of your skills to become a master.

There square measure multiple modes for participating in this game, like attempt mode, Challenge mode, endless mode, classic mode, and blitz mode, to boost your gambling expertise.

Because there aren’t any timers, you have total freedom to look for the correct clue. It also has a really quiet effect to assuage you.

  • Word Puzzle

1k+ Installs | 5.0 Rating | 35+ Reviews

This is yet one more parlor game designed particularly for each iPhone and iPad user and comes with sensible tissue layer graphics.

To be necessary, this is often a simple and addictive word puzzle game that requires you to set up a puzzle to induce all the words.

With the app, you ate not solely trained for higher vocabulary. However, you furthermore might have your averages, times, and records half-track at the same time

  • Mystic Words

5k+ Installs | 4.3 Rating | 1.2k+ Reviews

This is my incomparable favorite because it is packed with over 1500 puzzles. As a parlor game, Mystic Words provides everything needed for you to win the guts of alternative scrabble lovers.

The conception of this game is straightforward. You wish to look for all the seven secret words by deciphering clues and mixing letter teams.

Don’t worry about speed, as there’s no point in time, which suggests you will take some time to find the proper word to match the clue. Besides, the sport permits you to answer in any order you select.

  • Words With EZ Cheats

2.5k+ Installs | 3.9 Rating | 1.6k+ Reviews

This pretty sensible AI will build the correct move mistreatment of the metric capacity unit, TW, and different very important tiles.

You can choose the word you wish from an inventory of suggested moves and leave it to the app to assist you in placing it on the board.

You should also build your best move if you need to outsmart your opponent. The game’s integral wordbook incorporates a high word definition that offers you a fast understanding.

  • Two Birds

100k+ Installs | 4.2 Rating | 2.18k+ Reviews

Two Birds could be a sensible multiplayer parlor game that you should love. Build solely the most effective use of all of your moves to seek out the most effective words and take away the letters from the board.

You can keep a watch on your opponent if you decide to and win as many points as possible.

There’s an additional exciting half wherever you want to catch the bird to induce the utmost bonus and conjointly keep earlier than your opponent within the race.

The additional words you decide on, the additional exciting the sport becomes.

  • Conundra

100+ Installs | 4.7 Rating | 227+ Reviews

Are you unhappy with how you perform in Scrabble games? You must strive to improve your enjoyment and even your ability to run your rivals.

Conundra is an anagram game that’s quite easy and makes it simple to be told new words and improve your vocabulary.

The best part of this game is that you just will keep a tab on your performance over a protracted time and take away the failings. Also, the sport allows you to apprehend once you think in its prime gear.

  • Word Crack

10M+ Installs | 4.2 Rating | 403K+ Reviews

Word Crack is one of the highest scrabble games on humanoid. The game’s rules are identified as those of the first parlor game.

The match is won by the player with the most points. the sport is accessible in sixteen different languages. It’s a multiplayer online game that you just will play along with your friends. There’s additionally a spoken language feature within the game. The in-app purchases are entirely up to you.

  • Classic Word Solo                   

10M+ Installs | 4.6 Rating | 191K+ Reviews

Classic Words Solo is an additional easy Scrabble game for automatons. This one doesn’t have many bells and whistles, but it does deliver incredible Scrabble expertise.

It has a solo mode, native multiplayer pass-and-play, and a score preview. this is often basically a smartphone version of the parlor game with no frills.

  • Word Buddies

10K+ Installs | 3.9 Rating | 470+ Reviews

Word Buddies could be a free mechanical man scrabble crossword puzzle game that you could play together with your friends or family.

Put your words strategically to square out because of the best scrabbler within the game. To defeat your opponents, win boost, and ascend to the highest of the leaderboard, score high scores.

In addition, log in and compete in the game’s daily activities to earn a lot of points and unlock new upgrades and layout styles.

Furthermore, Word Buddies could be a game for you and your best pal, thus starting directly.

  • Word Blitz

1M+ Installs | 4.5 Rating | 29.2K+ Reviews

Word Blitz, like its siblings, tries to pit you against alternative loopholes and Scrabble fans to check who is the best.

Furthermore, the directions square measure straightforward: you need to produce words from letters that are sorted haphazardly.

You earn a lot of points for locating a lot of words. You’ll be able to conjointly earn bonus points for locating 2 words and letters. To boot, if you employ all the letters from the rack, you’ll receive a bonus.

With this technique, you can swipe the characters in any direction, together with diagonals. However, don’t assume this game is simple; every level encompasses a timer, so you’ll need to assume quickly.

Aside from that, the sport permits you to contend against random individuals and your friends. You’ll be able to see associate-degree opponents at any time of day or night because there are currently many active users.

Furthermore, all random participants are on a comparable level to you, making certain that the possibilities of winning square measure invariably equal.

You can conjointly participate in daily challenges to realize a lot of points and improve your skills.

  • Word Domination

5M+ Installs | 4.1 Rating | 171K+ Reviews

Word Domination is one of the simplest Scrabble games on iOS. It’s a multiplayer Scrabble game in which you compete for world Scrabble leadership by comparing your forces to those of different players worldwide.

Furthermore, it ought to be noted that this game is usually thought-about extremely addicting, therefore keep observing it slow.

The main purpose of this game is to succeed at the highest of the board, as you would possibly anticipate (which is far more difficult than it seems).

In addition to the same old rounds and duels, you’ll participate in seasonal tournaments to enhance your score and gain additional points.

It would facilitate if you furthermore may unbroken in mind that this can be a period game, therefore you’ll need to accept each action you create. every productive move can reward you with points.


These best five-word Scrabble mobile apps of 2024 are the best way for children and adults alike to learn while playing. Moreover, since people have been confined to their houses due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, it is easy to stay entertained and exercise your brain through the games on these apps. 

And, what can be a better way to improve your vocabulary without forcing yourself to learn new words from a dictionary?