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Top 30+ Tech Memes for 2024

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Tech memes are hilarious. This is often outcome they depict the truth of technology and its aspects. Once surf riding everywhere the internet, we have selected 30 technology-related memes to make you smile. Be it software development, software testing, cybercrimes, AI or crypto-currency; we have covered it all for you.

Let’s have a quick glance look!

Meme 1The job of software tester requires a lot of hard work and persistence. This memes describes the process of bug detection in the most hilarious manner.


Meme 2This is another meme that can guaranteed leave you in splits. This memes depicts the difficulty that tech people encounter while explaining tech terms to a layman.


Meme 3Who does not know about AI? A day will come when people will use AI to generate memes.


Meme 4We have different sorts of technologies to detect viruses in apps and software. Therefore, they are saying that people do not need to allocate time to detect virus.


Meme 5Hahaha… the ultimate dream of every quality assurance team member to remove a difficult virus.


Meme 6Another funny way of looking at the cyber-crime.


Meme 7This meme show the time period of covid, where everyone worked from home. This increased the incidents of hacking and the burden on ethical hackers.


Meme 8It is another rib tickling way of demonstrating how emails are the main reason of falling for malicious scams.


Meme 9This meme shows the difficulties that testers encounter during A/B testing.


Meme 10Keep your passwords strong


Meme 11Technology is not going to leave you alone. You are always going to encounter some sort of technology even if you are at a vocation.


Meme 12Another helarious way of demonstrating hoe data breach causes disturbance in the organization.


Meme 13A very astosing fact presented in the most funniest way. Yes, organizations fall prey to phishing attacks.


Meme 14Hahaha…..Software remediation! The most difficult thing in the world, if the outsourced tester is unreliable.


Meme 15ROFL!!! Project scope modification is another burden put on the developers.


Meme 16It shows the COVID times we all must have gone through….


Meme 17The effort and outcome!!! The amount of hard work and creativity put in to present the idea that is rejected by the project manager.


Meme 18Hahaha…… Software developers are near to the progress while working. But then Jira comes in..


Meme 19This highlights the significance of defining the scope.


Meme 20Any tips????


Meme 21This is how the blame game begins


Meme 22Hahaha… The suggestions you present are kept safe !!!


Meme 23Highlighting the significance of customer testing!!! No product can be launched without customer feedback.


Meme 24How the hell is it possible even?? What a Joke?? ROFL


Meme 25Most risky investment (crypto-currency investment)


Meme 26The dilemma faced by the security managers that they buy expensive security tools but teams don’t use it efficiently.


Meme 27This shows how hackers are always looking for the weak points to attack


Meme 28Hahaha….. The wonders of Artificial Intelligence.


Meme 29Who in the millennials does not remember Tom and Jerry? Extremely sorry to see tom losing his job due to AI.

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