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Top 30+ Software Testing Blogs in 2024

Last updated on April 17th, 2024 at 01:00 pm

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With the increased demand and need for software testing trends in the market, a bustling number of experts and professionals serving the field, and the digital market getting all the more competitive, software testing blogs are a new hype. We have sorted out top software testing blogs that QA engineers must be following for better learning and improved approaches to software testing. 

List of Best Software Testing Blogs for 2024

1. Google Testing Blog 

Google has its very own specialized software testing blog that is regularly updated and provides insight to the challenges of software testing on different platforms and offers guides and solutions to the problems related to software testing. Google Test Blog is a go-to place for many testing experts, naturally. 

2. Software Testing Lead

Software testing lead is one of the emerging media platforms that guarantee to provide all the latest and exciting technical content for its readers. They have professionals and writers who inform the readers with their knowledge and experience. People like this site because their acute questions get answered by technical experts. The content generated on this site can effortlessly be explained by non-technical people. Therefore, it aids everyone.

3. Software Testing Help

Software Testing Help is one of the most rapidly growing software testing blogs. With a traffic of over a thousand QA professionals visiting the blog every day, the platform has gained traction quite rapidly in a short span of time. This is majorly owed to the content, its expression, and how-to tutorials which makes it a preferred choice even by beginners and amateurs as well. The blog is run by Vijay Shinde, who believes in experimenting with new things and delivering the results to the wider community. 

4. On Test Automation 

On Test Automation is a testing blog run by Bas Dijkstra, an expert in test automation with experience of ten years of working in the industry. So this software testing blog has a lot of information and insights to offer to the young and expert testers alike. As Dijkstra believes, test automation is an art; and this art is learned as a craft. 

5. Sticky Minds

The Sticky Minds is the official blog of the Sticky Minds community, which has experts in various fields contributing content on various areas like cloud computing, agile testing, and everything big and small. This blog has a Q&A section as well where readers can put up questions and a panel of experts answers those questions. Sticky Minds is one of the most progressive software testing blogs available for information in the market.  

6. Test Fort 

Test Fort is a testing and QA blog run by TestForce, a testing and QA company. This software testing blog has a panel of experts and, QA members, and other market leaders contributing to the blog on weekly basis. This is a good platform for basic knowledge and simple guidelines. 

7. Testing Curve 

Testing Curve is a more specialized blog dealing mostly with CI/CD pipelines, regression testing, and writing code. Run by Joep Schuurkes, an expert in software testing with over ten years of experience, the Testing Curve is one of the software testing blogs with a great learning curve. 

8. Quality Remarks 

Quality Remarks is run by Keith Klain, an expert in software testing specializing in financial services and consulting firms. He believes in improving the software testing domain by coaching the testers and empowering them. This blog also focuses on solving organizational problems through improved software testing. 

9. Satisfice 

Satisfice is a blog run by James Bach-a a recognized name in the software testing sector. Having won a testing luminary award, a member of the international society of software testing, and an expert witness against Microsoft antitrust remedies trial, his blog offers nothing but a sea of information-driven from hands-on experience. His work focuses mostly on the future of testing through the lens of his experience as a software tester. 

10. The Friendly Tester 

The Friendly Tester is run by Richard Bradshaw-a prominent name in the testing industry. It is one of the software testing blogs that focus on context-driven software testing and automation in testing.

11. Dan Ashby’s Blog 

The writer of this blog Dan is a popular thought leader in the software testing industry. He writes highly technical and insightful content in his blog. As per Dan, software must be seen in a bigger frame whenever we talk about goodness. Sometimes he says that his blog is only regarding testing. However, it is much more than that.

12. Develop Sense

The majority of the testers who keep themselves updated with the latest software testing news try to keep themselves updated with valuable information through reading if the only objective is to gather data for a bigger testing project. Therefore, Develop Sense is a popular blog by James Bach and Michael Bolton that plays an important role in providing rich quality assurance content to its readers. Its readers earn so many things from Michael Bolton in his in-depth articles and testing resources. These things are shared with all the testing professionals.

13. TechBeacon

Techbeacon is a new eccentric tech blog to speed up DevOps news and testing methodologies through guest blogs from thought leaders and industry professionals. The reader of these articles will be able to learn techniques to improve agile development and the techniques to very positive product releases from reputable industry professionals.

14. Global App Testing Blog

The blog named global app testing plays an imperative role in updating people about trends, best practices, and regular hints to provide you with the information that takes you back to your software testing team. It includes the following things mentioned below.

  •         Best techniques to develop a good software testing strategy
  •         Creating a quality culture in your company

This includes the white paper and resource section.

15. Software Testing News

Software testing news includes the most cutting-edge news present in this software testing industry. You will find content regarding developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Quality Assurance features, and tester insights. This will enable us to think about the methods to improve the quality assurance plan.

16. Agile Testing with Lisa Crispin

Lisa Crispin is amongst extremely popular influencers in the quality assurance universe and her agile testing articles are very prominent evidence of all this. The readers can see podcasts, books, training, presentations, and excellent quality blogs.

17. Lamba Test

A blog operated by the browser testing software, Lambda test. They use a listing of writers and professionals to perpetually place out informative guides and recommendation columns.

18. TJ Maher

TJ Maher has been practicing QA engineering since 1996. He’s worked in eCommerce so joined good start genetics, a molecular genetic info company. He wrote an excerpt for the book, Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals, and developed a free Introduction to gnawer course for assessment at Automation University. On the web, logs are guides and webinars on methods to use software like selenium four.

19. Lisa Crispin

Lisa Saint Crispin has written four books on Agile testing. She has worked within the software business since 1982 and currently leads agile workshops and conferences in North America and Europe. Her journal focuses on agile testing and the way to beat a number of the common hurdles software testers encounter.

20. On Test Automation

Bas Dijkstra believes that check automation may be a craft. That’s why he started a journal – therefore he and everybody else to find out and become higher craftsmen. He’s worked in test automation for 10 years and features a ton to share. QA leads desperate to advance in their career would be informed to scan his posts.

21. Joe Colantonio

Joe Colantonio makes test automation fun and he makes learning fun, too. His blog features articles on performance testing, javascript automation testing, and how to use Boozang UI. 

22. Thinking Tester

A weblog targeted the techniques through which testers think. Updated multiple times per week with short, informative articles on topics like why you must stop writing such a big amount of UI tests and therefore the best tools for transfer testing.

 23. Satisfice

James Bach has received the testing famous person award, has served as a witness against the Microsoft fair remedies trial, and was a member of the international society for computer code testing. In his journal, he writes concerning his journey as a computer code tester, and therefore the way forward for testing.

24. Maverick Tester

Started by Anne-Marie Charrett; she is a globally-known expert in software testing. She grew the journal writing concerning quality engineering and software testing and currently different consultants within the field contribute to the journal every week.

25. Visible Quality

Maaret Pyhäjärvi has been operating in software testing for over ten years, defraying the last 3 of them as a lead quality engineer. Her diary posts are less centered on software testing guides and how-to’s and instead look into the mental aspect of operating as a software tester. She writes concerning the requirement for important thinking, the importance of non-verbal communication, and the way to collaborate with others.

26. The Friendly Tester

Richard Bradshaw has spoken at a number of the largest check conferences in the world. He’s done talks at Se and organizes meetups everywhere in the united kingdom. He includes a context-driven approach to testing and describes himself as “a sturdy believer in automation in testing.” he’s active within the testing community.

27. Develop Sense

Michael Bolton isn’t a frequent blogger – however, once he will post, you don’t wish to miss it. He’s worked with James Bach since 2003, been within the software business since 1988, and could be a huge believer in “telling the testing story.” His diary posts area unit-long, multi-part series on topics vital to each software tester. Currently, he’s on the seventh part of his ‘breaking the test suit addiction’ series.

28. Test Fort

Westport could be a testing and quality assurance company that runs a weblog on, you guessed it, testing and quality assurance. Business specialists, in-house QA members, and alternative leaders within the field all contribute to their weblog page every week. a decent supply for straightforward guides.

29. Rhythm of Testing

Run by Pete Walen, who has over twenty-five years of expertise operating within the software system development business, either as a top-quality advocate, tester, or ScrumMaster. His journal covers Agile Testing, attending conferences, and life operating as a ScrumMaster.

30. Automate The Planet

Anton Angelov is a world speaker and a code project participant, and he spent six years operating as a top-quality assurance tester at Telerik in Balkan nation, followed by connexion Progress within the USA. He started his weblog to show alternative software package testers the items he learned that helped him reach his unimaginable level of success.

31. Testing Curve 

Joep Schuurkes started this diary to document his expertise in learning software system testing. Now, with over 10 years of expertise operating within the field, Schuurkes frequently updates his diary with articles regarding CI/CD pipelines, regression testing, and therefore the basics of the way to write code as a tester.

32. Quality Remarks

Owned by Keith Klain, who has dedicated over twenty years to operating in quality assurance for money services and consulting corporations. Klain “loves finding structure issues through higher software package testing” and describes himself as “passionate concerning work and empowering testers.” He uses his journal to share his thoughts and ideas on the way to improve software testing.

33. Test Head

Before beginning his weblog, Michael Larsen retired from being a rock and roll singer to travel work as a package tester at Cisco Systems. Since then he’s contributed a chapter to the book, “How to scale back prices of package Testing”, and was a producer of a package testing podcast for SoftwareTestPro, among several different achievements and comes. currently, he updates his weblog with posts concerning continuous testing, the advantage of AI within the testing world, and the way to use agile.

34. Trish Khoo

Trish Khoo could be an international skilled in software testing and automation, and additionally runs a contract business as a designer. Once she’s not busy with speaking engagements around the world, she’s changing her journal and writing concerning the similarities between painting and testing, and debugging cheat sheets.

These are the top software testing blogs that every QA and testing professional must follow.