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5 User Stories for Healthcare Apps

Last updated on June 5th, 2023 at 05:11 am

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Healthcare is an evolving industry. Every day presents a different challenge. A disease outbreak mandates an emergency protocol. Chronic diseases make a cause for increased research. Technological advances enable new medical devices and procedures to be operational. As these advances are made, the apps must be tested regularly for their successful implementation.

A healthcare app testing company will ensure the app meets the industry regulations, accommodates a wide variety of users and protects sensitive data.

We look at 5 user stories pertaining to the healthcare industry to understand testing nuances. Testers must test the expected functionality stated in the user stories. 

1. I am a patient. I want to provide my physician with regular updates on my sugar test results, so he can monitor my health progress. I conduct these tests at home. My doctor has to be reported about the test results on a monthly basis to monitor my health progress. If my sugar test results indicate an imbalance, the doctor will call me for a visit. I want to receive this notification from my doctor in advance, so I can schedule my visit conveniently.

2. I am a pharmacist. I want to forward messages to the doctors about the time of stock updates to drugs, so they can recommend the right drugs to patients. A doctor may recommend a drug to a patient that is not available at a particular time, which leads to wasted time and a delay in the treatment for the patient. It is best for doctors to check with me about the drug’s availability, and prescribe an alternative medicine, in the absence of the drug. I want to inform them about the time it will take for the drug to come in the market, so they can issue prescriptions to patients accordingly.

3. I am a General Practitioner. I want to change the patient’s information entered on the system to correct inaccuracies in the report. The information was noted by the nurse when the patient was admitted. The patient’s name is misspelled by the nurse. The patient forgot to mention a health condition they were treated for several years back. Both these errors have to be corrected on the system to maintain an accurate record of the patient’s history.

4. I am a manufacturer of medical equipment. I want to communicate with the hospital regarding government regulations associated with the equipment, so they can purchase medical equipment from me. I have to send documents on government regulations to the hospital’s Director for review. I have to receive signed documents from him. I have to send him the contract of purchasing the equipment. I have to receive a signed contract from him.

5. I am an ambulance services Manager for the hospital’s emergency department. I want to receive and respond to messages, to help patients in health emergencies. I want to best utilize the ambulances and this is only possible when I receive ambulance requests instantly. I should be able to open multiple pages that load quickly, notify patients on the availability of ambulances, obtain the user’s address accurately, and confirm sending the ambulance at the location.

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