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How to Secure Your Voucher Management System

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:05 am

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Voucher management software has been around for several years now, and as the competition in the industry increases, it is essential to ensure your system is as secure as possible. Read on to find out how to protect your voucher management system from fraud and data leaks.

What are the Attacks on a Voucher Management System?

There are several attacks on a voucher management system. However, all of them depend on the same underlying principle: to access the information stored in the session and bypass specific security measures.

How to protect your voucher management system

First, ensure that your computer is protected by a firewall and antivirus software. To avoid denial of service attacks, it’s also essential to use a reliable web hosting provider that offers good bandwidth. You should also use HTTPS for your website and encrypt your network traffic, including below-mentioned security measures:

  1. Require a Unique IP Address – Requiring users to access your voucher management system from a unique IP address will significantly reduce the risk of data breaches. This can be achieved by implementing an IP address tracking system into your voucher management software.
  2. Data Encryption – It is vital to ensure that all data is encrypted before being sent to your voucher management system. This will ensure no unauthorised users can access your sensitive data.
  3. Require a Password – Requiring users to enter a password when signing into your voucher management system, or requiring them to sign in frequently, will significantly reduce the risk of data theft.
  4. Limit Data Access – Only provide your voucher management system access to essential sensitive data. This will prevent accidental data leaks and limit your liability if a breach of security occurs.
  5. Vulnerability Assessment – A vulnerability assessment should be carried out regularly; this will ensure that all your voucher management system areas are secure and that no threats lie under the surface.
  6. User screenshots are a great way to ensure your users are secure; you can encrypt screenshots if required.
  7. Password Policy – Your password policy should be set by an experienced member of your IT team. They should be set to ensure they are not too easy to guess and include a combination of numbers, letters and symbols.
  8. Change Password Policy – You should also have a policy in place to ensure users change their passwords regularly. This will help to prevent hackers who try to gain access multiple times using the same user name and password.
  9. Password Strength – There will be times when you need a non-tech savvy employee to have access to sensitive information, and this is when you need a password strength checker. These will allow somebody who does not know about technology to enter their password. It will then check the strength and give a rating.
  10. Browser Security – The best browser security tools are at the forefront of detecting and dealing with viruses. The browser will block contents even before any damage can be caused to your system.
  11. Malware Scanner – Malware scanners will detect and remove malicious codes from your system. This includes viruses, worms and Trojan horses.
  12. Voice Encryption – If you are looking for a secure way to communicate, consider using encrypted voice calls. You can now conduct conversations that nobody can hear. This can be an excellent tool for business and personal use.
  13. Firewall – A firewall will prevent any external intrusions into your system. This can include hackers, malware, intruders and any other malicious elements.
  14. URL Filter – This will allow you to block certain websites that can harm your system. This is also used to keep your children safe when browsing the web.15. Anti-Ransomware Your computer will be protected from ransomware attacks.

Why is it essential to protect your voucher management system

It’s essential to protect your voucher management system for the same reasons you would watch anything else valuable to your business, such as customer information. Hackers can steal vouchers and codes using malware or phishing scams. They can also alter existing voucher information. These are some of the worst things that could happen to a company on the verge of bankruptcy because vouchers are often used to get new customers or keep current ones on board.

How to keep your voucher management system secure for the future

The first step to secure your voucher system is to make sure that you are using the latest software version. You can do this by updating your plugin or theme. You should also make sure you are using up-to-date antivirus software on your computer, as well as operating system updates. Finally, make sure to install security patches for any software that hasn’t been updated lately.


The voucher management system should be secure to avoid hackers. It should also be easy to use so that any staff member can manage the vouchers.