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The Best Personal Safety Apps of 2022

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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Personal safety is a priority for most people, especially in certain situations. For example, you may think a lot about your personal safety if you live in a big city that’s seen an uptick in crime recently, or if you frequently travel alone.

Luckily, technology has come a long way to helping everyone maintain their personal safety.

The following are some of the best apps to consider for 2022.

Travel Safety Apps

There are certain apps that are geared toward safety while traveling, and the following are good picks for this purpose.

  • TravelSmart: The TravelSmart app is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play. It includes a list of emergency numbers from around the world, and the app can also do fast translations for words related to safety and health.
  • Crime and Place: Available only for iOS users, with this app, you can use the Crime Compass feature which will show you the crime around you with a map overlay, which is useful if you’re somewhere unfamiliar.
  • Noonlight: This app isn’t only geared toward traveling, but it can be helpful in some situations. It works like a 911 alternative. There’s a button you can use to silently get help to you wherever you are.
  • Smart Traveler: Available for iOS and Android, this app was created by the U.S. Department of state, and it provides you with updated information about foreign destinations and it will keep you updated with current travel alerts and warnings for various destinations.
  • Sitata: Also for iOS and Android, this app monitors what’s going on around the world in real-time that might affect travel. You can see not only alerts but also advice for what to do in various situations. There’s a community board where travelers can both read and write about their experiences too.
  • Trip Ling: This isn’t necessarily a safety-specific travel app, but it can be a good overall tool to have if you’re traveling. It provides you with voice translation, culture notes, and phrasebooks, and it specifically includes medical phrases and emergency-related phrases in different languages.

My SafetiPin

This personal safety app provides a GPS location to emergency services if you need it. It can also call your emergency contacts if you signal that you need help.

The app also has a safe place location list.

You view these as pins on a map, and each location will have a star rating that shows you how safe it is so that you can go there if you’re in trouble.

There are also pins on the map that show unsafe areas, so you can avoid those.

Again, this is an app that’s good for general personal safety, but you could also use it for travel if you didn’t know much about your surroundings and didn’t want to go somewhere dangerous accidentally.

Circle of 6

With the Circle of 6 app, the idea is that you select six contacts, who are your emergency contacts. If you feel like you’re in an unsafe situation, you hit the car button, and then the app sends a message out to your six saved contacts.

It tells your exact location, and then whoever is located closest to you at the time can come to pick you up.

There’s also an emergency option if needed.


With the BSafe app, you don’t share your location on social media in real-time, but instead, you use this location-sharing app to let your network of friends, family, or coworkers know where you are. Then, these people can follow your location in real-time.

If you don’t check-in, the app will send an alert, and there’s also something called the Guardian Alert button you can use to let people know you’re in trouble.

Watch Me

With the Watch Me app, you can film and share videos, and then the people that you’ve set up to receive them will know if you’re safe. If you’re not, then the videos might be used to help you.

Women Safety

Finally, there’s an app called Women Safety. This app, in addition to sending messages to your emergency numbers, also sends emails with your location and a link on Google Maps.

The app takes two pictures from the camera on your phone and a video and audio clip, which is also shared through email with the IDs you’ve input into the app.

There are three buttons that are color-coded. If you’re providing a status update, there’s the green button. If you’re staying cautious, there’s orange and for a dangerous situation, there’s a red button.