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10 Simple Toy Storage Ideas to Keep Toys Neat and Orderly

Last updated on March 17th, 2023 at 10:51 am

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One challenge you will encounter as a parent is how to keep your kid’s toys organized all the time. As we all know, kids want to play, play, and play, which means extra work organizing their toys come next. But don’t stress out yourself as there is an ideal way to organize and store it. 

One efficient and easiest way is creating an organization system and looking for a handy storage box or wicker baskets to use as a storage container. And in order to help you manage and solve this problem, we have listed here the ten simple kids’ toy storage ideas for quickly organizing your kid’s toys.

1. Use furniture that provides double storage

There are many options when looking for furniture that can be used as double storage space. One best piece of furniture you can have is ottomans or benches that come with a lid. It is great storage to store and hide your kid’s toys or books when you want to quickly and easily put them away. Ensuring that you have furniture to use with built-in storage is perhaps one of the best kids toy storage ideas solutions out there. Plus, a few extra storage spaces can also bring a huge difference in your home’s appearance.

2. Use plastic tubs with a cover for stacking toys

One must toy storage container today is a small plastic tub. You can buy multiple of them and then label each bin with a picture or word to help your kid know and identify the toys inside each bin. Using bins with cover or lid in uniform can be easily stacked on closets or shelves for quick storing and organizing.

3. Use woven baskets for storing toys

If you don’t have extra room to put things away, buying some woven baskets or wicker baskets for storage is one of the great options for organizing your kid’s toys. Besides, you can quickly store small baskets at the corner or behind furniture. Having a woven basket can be fun, as you can store any types of things there, including big stuffed animal toys for your child.

4. You can roll toys in and out

Having shelves or carts with wheels is very handy and convenient to store your kid’s toys. Wheeling them out of sight once you’re done is such an easy-peasy task as well. You can always look for a cheaper cart with shelves and use it to fill all the stackable toy bins or baskets, putting them away in a laundry room area or your closet.

5. Use shoe racks for toy storage

It might sound new to you, but you can use shoe racks for great toy storage. You can create a cute “garage” to park all the toy cars, and it can be done by simply mounting the pieces on the wall rather than assembling the shoe rack as you’re supposed to do the task. You can also use small planks of woods and wall brackets to create this toy car’s garage. Just plan the height carefully if you want to go for it so that your kids can easily put their toys away.

Moreover, you can also use a hanging kids’ shoe rack and place it on your bedroom door or at the back of your closet, storing small stuffed toys or Barbie dolls and action figures. Using a sliding shoe rack placed on your closet floor can also place Barbies or action figures and their multiple houses and cars.

6. Try to create space behind your couch

If your couch can be pushed against your wall, why not consider creating a bit of a small space and then store toys behind it? In case you have an open floor plan at home, you can still store larger toys behind your couch. Yes, they’re still clearly visible, but it keeps them from being underfoot.

7. Consider sticking it to the wall or fridge

Small bins or boxes that are being stuck on your refrigerator’s side with a suction cup or magnet can actually be great storage for tiny toys or craft supplies. You can even make these types of storage containers with your kids, making them a craft project. All you need to do is prepare empty pasta boxes or other small containers, paint, and a magnet glued.

8. Use a portable toy caddy

Truth be told, some portable toy caddies can bring a huge difference if you want to keep living space free of your kid’s toys. You can use a caddy, fill it with small toys or any craft supply, and then easily pick up and store it out of your sight. 

9. Try to use toy hammocks

If your kids have an awful lot of stuffed animals, opting for toy hammocks can be a great option for storing all of those. You can directly put the hammock over the kid’s bed so that the toys are easily accessible for them. Plus, it will be super easy for you to put them away.

10. Consider using a pegboard or wall hooks

Try to consider using a pegboard or wall hooks and place it directly inside your closet for easy hanging sports rackets, small baskets of doll clothes, or toys. This is way more organized and accessible to get the toys your kids want to play with. And if you keep it neat, you can even place it on a wall without detracting your home’s decor.

In A Nutshell

Organized toy storage makes your kid’s toys easily accessible while at the same time keeping them clean up quickly. All the listed toy storage above can help you organize all the toys and guarantee that you can find what best suits your needs at home. Regardless of whether you opt to use a shoe organizer, woven baskets, storage bins, or any combination of these items, you are now getting on your way for easy and quickly organized toys. And if you’re looking for a store to purchase those things, you can always go and visit