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How to Find a Classmate with People Search Engines

Last updated on June 22nd, 2023 at 05:44 pm

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Admit it or not, school time is among the best time someone goes through. Friends are what make this time worth remembering. But as time passes, we move on with our lives and wonder where they are now. The more time that passes, the harder it is to find people that meant a lot to you during your time at school. If you think that you are the only one who forgot about their friends, you are wrong. We all lost touch with friends from school and do not know their whereabouts. But even after so many years, finding our high school friends can be easy.

The Internet has made it easy to find our classmates among so many people. You can use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., to find your old friends. You can also use Online & Offline directories to find them. But the best and fastest method to find a classmate is by using People Search Engines. 

In this article, we will learn about such People Search Engines and how to use them. So could you stick with us till the end?


There are many services to find people you are looking for, but specializes in finding people who went to school with you. Classmates were started in 1995 to help users find classmates from Kindergarten, school, high school, and college. It has details of alumni of more than 50,000 schools. 

To find friends from high school, head over to, now select your state where your school is situated, after that, select the city, and then select the school. After you did all mentioned, please enter the name of a classmate you’re looking for and year graduated and hit enter. You will get all the details about him, including the phone number and address. You can also find other alumni by getting a paid subscription. 

With, you not only get to find old friends but also you can arrange a reunion with them by inviting them directly. It also has digital yearbooks, which you can see and remember those good old days. 

When it comes to finding old classmates, there is nothing quite like It’s connected to a massive amount of public records databases across the United States. What’s more, will help you find a classmate in under 10 minutes as long as you have some basic information. They even have a full guide on how to find old classmates to make things simple.

To find a classmate using, head over to the people finder page and start entering their name and the city you went to school in. Then, click Search and scroll through the results until you find your match. To find your match faster, you can enter some more details like their relatives and associates.

Once you find your classmate, you can open the Full Report to find them. Within the report, you’ll find their address, phone number, email address, and anything else that’s public record. Therefore, finding and getting in contact with them becomes a breeze.


Radaris is one of the leading People search engine to find people you studied with. Radaris is among the very few people searching engines that you can use on your phone conveniently. With Radaris, you get detailed information about your friend. With a free account, you can see their social media links, phone number, email, residential address, relatives, etc. With a paid account, you can do a background check and know if they are law offenders, their marital status, felonies, etc. 

To find a classmate using Radaris, go to their website, enter the full name of the person you are looking for, and hit enter. You can add ZIP code to filter out results. You will surely get the profile you are looking for.  


Yasni is another excellent people search engine that brings the information of people you are looking for at your fingertips. Yasni fetches data from several address directories, phone records, and dozen of other sites to help you find your old school mates easily. 


If you are looking to do a verification or background check in addition to find their contact, WhitePages is one of the best people search engines you can check out. You just have to enter the full name of your friend and hit enter. You can even search for a friend with his phone number as well. 

Like Radaris and Yasni, WhitePages also offers free searches to look for basic details. For advanced details, you have to create an account and pay the subscription fees.

Many alumni websites extract alumni data from different schools, but seems to be much better than all. People have been using it for 16 years to find their classmates. It has data from around 100,000+ schools, making it one of the most used people search engines to find classmates. 

To find someone in’s database, you have to register first. After enrolling, you have to select the country and the school you graduated from. Once you choose the institute, you can search for your pals by their name or email quickly.