How to Search for New Employees

How to Search for New Employees

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When an organization develops dynamically and explores new lines of business and markets, there may be a sudden need for a large number of new employees. Recruitment managers usually work with several proven sites where you can find a large number of candidates. Right now, there are a lot of popular job sites and social networks. However, there are many more ways to search than it seems at first glance, and if used competently, any of them can be very useful. It takes a lot of time and effort to find employees for many positions. Qualified workers must be used to evaluate applicants.

Understand who is needed

In order to choose the right candidate for a vacancy, it is always important to assess not only their professional qualities and competencies, the so-called hard skills, but also to pay special attention to their personal skills and qualities.

And for different positions, they may differ significantly. For example, for a public relations manager you need communication skills, and for an accountant – assiduity and attention to detail.

Perhaps for your needs and tasks, one employee will need to be more sufficient. In this case, you need a POD-model.

Working conditions

The employer must decide what terms and conditions he is ready to offer to the applicants. Conditions are not only the salary but also other factors. To do this, he determines:

  • The work schedule: full-time or reduced, standard five-day or sliding schedule, for example, two days the employee works, two – rest. When the working day begins, what time it ends, whether there can be overtime, and how it is paid for;
  • Nature of work: traveling, in the company office, remotely from home;
  • Conditions of payment: what the salary is made up of, the size of the salary and bonuses, and what you have to do to get bonuses. Are there any bonuses that are paid without reference to performance;
  • Will there be business trips, where and for how long;
  • Are there reimbursements, such as gasoline and cell phone costs, or rent for out-of-town workers;
  • Will there be a probationary period, its duration, the criteria for successfully passing the test, and the working conditions during this period.

Do not withhold information about working conditions from applicants. Tell the truth, so that the potential employee has real, and not inflated or undervalued expectations.

Search Techniques

There are special technologies of personnel search: recruiting, screening, executive search, headhunting, and preliminary. The employer can use them independently or delegate them to a recruiting agency.

How to choose an employee

Suppose you made a portrait of the candidate, placed an ad, applied various methods of selection, conducted a screening, and as a result, you have a list of candidates. How do you choose the best one among them?

Before the interviews, you should prepare a list of questions about the candidate’s professional activities and ask each of them. The questions should be the same so that the answers can be compared, and based on their results you can choose the most suitable candidate.

You should also assess the personal characteristics of the candidates: which of them would fit in better with the team, and how pleasant it is to communicate with each of them. After all, this person will work side by side and closely communicate for a long period, and it is important that this communication was comfortable and enjoyable for all members of the team.

After a certain number of meetings, you have found your person. The offer is made, accepted, and you’re happy – finally, the job is done! Be sure to take time for those who didn’t make it through your selection process. Call everyone, tell them about the job closing, and give feedback to the job seeker. At this point, you are laying the foundation for future trust and good recommendations. Who knows where and under what circumstances you’ll cross paths with these candidates again?


To find an employee who will benefit the company and will perform his duties well, it is important to consider a lot of factors: the personal and professional qualities of the candidate, the characteristics of the team in which he will work, and more.