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The Best Workflow Software When Starting Business

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:24 am

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Proper organization is vital for the success of any business, no matter how big or small. When you’re organized correctly, you become more efficient and less prone to error. 

You create extra time and energy that can be invested into training or just making more money. Fewer errors mean less time spent on correcting them, as well as building your reputation. So why not use all the tools necessary to achieve this?

Enter workflow software. By investing in the right apps, you can build your company quickly, and safely. The right tools boost your efficiency, remove most of the boring menial tasks that are part and parcel of any business, and clear up more room for greater results. Let’s dive in.


There is a lot of information that needs to be kept and gathered by any company. Invoice templates, receipts, client information, training manuals… Organizing all this info in one place can be daunting, and Slite is there to help you out.

Slite helps you organize your work processes, while at the same time allowing you to tag and categorize documents quickly and efficiently.

You can create channels dedicated to specific bits of information, share documents, write collaboratively, as well as set up checklists. All of this, and you get 10 GB of storage.


You know why “Time is Money” is a cliché, right? It’s because it’s entirely true. The more time you have, the more opportunities you can create to improve your bottom line. Extra time means extra training for your employees, more energy to focus on complex tasks, or just more time to rest. Automation is where it’s at, and Zapier is there to lead the way.

Zapier works by connecting to different apps, doing part of the work you need to do for you. For example, you can integrate Gmail and Dropbox. Whenever you get an email with an attachment, Zapier will upload the said file directly to a specific Dropbox folder. This minimizes the odds of you missing something, and saves you a lot of time if you get a bunch of attachment-laden emails at once.

The best part about Zapier is that it requires no coding whatsoever. You already have hundreds, if not thousands, of connection templates the moment you log in. 


Would you like a tool that can help you run your company from the get-go? Well, then we have to mention Plutio. Plutio is one of those all-in-one pieces of workflow software that provide you with a host of options that make every aspect of running a business easier.

Having everything in one place does wonder for your efficiency and workflow advancement. You can use its designated Wiki to build and gather information on your clients, your work manuals, and employee instructions, all in one place.

Its task and project management features let you organize tasks through its dashboard. Then, you can easily oversee which employee got what task, what that task represents, as well as its deadline. Thanks to its templates, you won’t have to start from scratch (but you can customize them to your heart’s content).

Furthermore, Plutio has its own invoicing system, where you can set up an invoice with a few clicks of a button. Choose the right payment method (like a regular bank or Stripe), choose a currency, and set up payment schedules, so you won’t have to set up reminders or check your calendar constantly. 


Are you a fan of diagrams? Do you like having at-a-glance information at your fingertips? Then check out LucidChart.

With this app, you can create a flowchart that tracks every single aspect of a project down to the minute details. You can easily create shapes and diagrams for a specific task, connect them in the order you want them done, and provide them with proper notes and reminders.

Managers can track what is happening with a project at every stage, while team members know what needs to be done before they can start doing their own thing. If there is a hiccup, you know exactly in which part of the work process it happened, and who is responsible. 


Another visual-based management app, Trello, is based on the Kanban boards system. You basically get a board onto which you place cards. Cards have relevant information, attached links, checklists, pictures, and documents. Said cards can also have dedicated people in charge of them, letting employees know exactly what their tasks are. The best part – you do it all through a drag and drop function.

Like all task management apps with strong visual components, these are supposed to give your eyes and brain some rest. Instead of searching for relevant information, or trying to figure out where you are at with a project, everything is available to you at a glance.

Focus Booster

Have you heard of the Pomodoro Technique? Developed in the eighties, it’s a time management method where you work in blocks of 25 minutes, with 5-minute breaks in between. Then, after you have done, for example, 5 of these blocks, you take a 20-minute break. 

Focus booster is a simple app that is supposed to mimic this technique. It has a minimalist interface that’s easy on the eyes. Its extra features make it stand out, however.

It has a simple To-Do list, as well as time-tracking options that keep you keep an eye on your productivity. Using the Pomodoro technique will help you recharge your batteries and your focus. It also makes doing large, difficult tasks less daunting – working in bursts of 25 minutes sounds better than spending hours on an entire project.


If you want to make the most out of your business, you need to be efficient. Workflow software is there to help you. Maximizing your actions, making the most out of your time, minimizing mistakes, all this is vital for the success of any venture. Check out the above apps and programs, automate the boring stuff, and get to work on things that really matter.