Tourism Management Jobs

What are the Top Highly Paid Tourism Management Jobs?

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:24 am

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A career in tourism and hospitality does not mean all travel and fun. It’s a global industry that demands tremendous hard work and work ethics in order to succeed. It is dynamic, very competitive, and ever-evolving. This industry expects professionals to be excellently behaved and well-trained to be eligible in this field. 

Ideal candidates should have a reasonable understanding of business and what strategic steps lead to success for those working in tourism or hospitality, especially if they have a management or administrative post. 

To excel in this career, it is essential to have the right skills and excellent training. For that, consider doing a masters in tourism management to further your chances and career opportunities. 

  • Entertainment Manager

The duties of an entertainment manager may vary depending on the specificities of tasks the manager handles. Most entertainment managers work closely with artists– musicians, authors, actors and celebrities and help them organize and manage their career obligations and help them grow. The duties of such a manager may be similar to that of an agent, a PR manager, or even a financial guide or counselor. There are also other tasks that may arise out of the nature of the job. An entertainment manager can also explore a career as an events coordinator or manager for high-end clubs, hotels, etc. The salary of an entertainment manager in the US varies from 42,000-62000 USD a year. A hospitality and tourism background would be ideal for candidates to explore this challenging yet very lively career. 

Managers in the entertainment industry are also hired by creative professionals- artists or celebrities. Their role includes assisting in planning and managing various aspects of work for the individual. These managers working in the event planning sector will work on planning, preparing and executing big social parties, gatherings or functions. 

  • Flight Attendant or Cruise Ship manager

Two of the biggest tourism-based industries include the luxury cruise service and airline services. Tourism management graduates have an opportunity to explore their career at both land and sea in areas as different and varied as reservations department, operations, logistics, or even leadership positions.  Professionals in this field help travelers feel comfortable and safe during their travel and look after any unexpected problems if they arise. Luxury cruise ships also have managers having similar responsibilities — dealing with the travelers, regulating and overseeing for the entertainment of the guests, and running operations of the hotel. Flight attendants, similar to luxury cruise ship directors, do the hospitality part of the job as opposed to the technical counterparts. 

Some alternate career choices to explore in this similar industry would be working as a cruise staff, travel security personnel, captain, and more. Cruise directors on the other hand have a very challenging role to play. They cannot afford a break as such and need to work round the clock. They also offer hospitality and support to the guests, plan for events, perform clerical and organizational tasks. These professionals are hospitality and customer service experts working for cruise lines.

Other than these there are numerous other roles that any good candidate from a hospitality and tourism background will be suited to explore. Enrol on a program today and start learning away all the skills to have a successful career.