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4 Top Patek Philippe Watches to Buy in 2021

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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Speaking of the world’s finest watch manufacturer, the Patek Philippe is definitely best regarded for this reputation. This brand is one of the oldest and longest-standing luxury watch manufacturers founded way back in 1839. They are popularly known for their timepieces that continuously rise in value and are sold at auctions at very record-breaking prices.

Today, the brand is recognized as one master in watches’ complications, and it comprises over 80 various patents. They also offer a wide selection of watches that are all made with high-quality and features exceptional faces. If ever you want to look for another luxury brand to be added to your collections, opting for Patek Philippe is a brilliant decision. In this article, we have listed the four top-pick watches of Patek Philippe where you can choose from. Check this out!

Nautilus, Ref. 5711/1A

The original Patek Philippe Nautilus ref. 3700 was created out of stainless steel material and most likely influenced by nautical motifs. This was designed by Geral Genta way back in 1973 and officially introduced in the market in 1976. During the 30th anniversary of Nautilus in 2006, the brand had rolled out a new timepiece, Nautilus, Ref. 5711—a modern update highly praised with its contemporary styling and elegant synthesis of historical details.

This modern Ref. 5711/1A used more innovations than the original one, including better corrosion resistance, water resistance, and more comfort from a superior double-folding clasp. If you want a strongly durable timepiece and come with pretty features, opting for Patek Philippe Nautilus ref. 5711/1A is worth the investment.

Sky Moon Celestial Ref. 6102P

On the off chance that you know about the brand’s mid-twentieth century oeuvre, then without a doubt, you are familiar with this Sky Moon Celestial, Ref. 6102P. This wristwatch was the descendant of the astronomical pocket watches the firm created for renowned collectors like Henry Graves, Jr. and James Warm Packard, who owned the world’s most noteworthy watch is the stuff of legend.

Presented in 2015, the model gives proper respect to Patek’s famous history without compromising its advancement. This timepiece shows how rich in history Patek Philippe has, with celestial complications that are built perfectly. The case used in this model is quite large in size based on Patek’s standards, in which it measures 4mm across and 9.88 mm in depth. Although it’s large by the brand’s standard, the watch still features a slim profile and is gorgeous. Plus, it is a well-balanced timepiece you would always look forward to checking in Switzerland’s most renowned brands.

Ladies First Chronograph, Ref. 7071

In 2009, Patek had brought so much astonishment to collectors and solid customers with a model they didn’t see coming. Named the Ladies First Chronograph, Ref. 7071 was the replacement to an amazing chronograph caliber evolved only for Patek Philippe by Nouvelle Lémania in 1986. 

The brand introduced its first completely in-house traditional chronograph movement (manual winding, column wheel, and horizontal clutch) in a ladies’ watch set up for an industry-wide discussion about court female collectors and buyers. Although some ladies may appreciate the movement as a caliber of engineering, many have admired the hours of hand adjustment necessary to create the timepiece perfectly. The brand’s splendid work of paying attention to every detail of the watch- from the quality of the diamond used setting to the proportion of the timepiece’s dial- there’s no wonder why it’s incredibly well-known and in-demand.

The CH 29-535 PS movement has been utilized in additional men’s and women’s watch in collections from that point forward. And nobody could deny the model’s curvy impressive looks. Besides, this is actually how Patek Philippe moved toward its first in-house chronograph movement: by first honoring its ladies’ client base and lodging it in a cushion-shaped molded gold case. This model is simply a breathtaking piece of horology.

Perpetual Calendar Chronograph, Ref. 5970

As you watch holy grails go, you’re probably not going to discover one holier than the granddaddy of excellent complications, the Perpetual Calendar Chronograph, Ref. 5970 of your one and only luxury brand, Patek Philippe. This model is a direct progeny of Patek Philippe’s notable references 1518 and 2499; the 5970 is appreciated by most timepiece collectors for its eminently adjusted extents and 40 mm case diameters.

Adding square pushers and classy ventured lugs, the 5970 harmonized modern-day styling with its revered vintage models’ exemplary foundations. It was officially introduced in the market way back in 2004 and was produced for only seven years. But it was the brand’s last perpetual calendar chronograph to utilize an exceptionally altered outsourced movement—a very much regarded Lemania-based type. This was produced with several options like18-karat yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum, to let buyers pick which one they prefer and love to own. Overall, this timepiece is stunning, offers a classic aesthetic vibe, and relative rarity makes any version profoundly sought after today.

Adding to the model’s persona is its moderately short production run, which has helped make the platinum and yellow gold versions “the most collectible of all. Among men unafraid to brandish a few diamonds, the 5970 is adored to lay the basis for another sought-after tremendous complication, the 5271P-001.

In a Nutshell 

Would you be able to consider yourself a true watch collector on the off chance that you don’t own even one Patek Philippe timepiece? Popularly considered the most distinguished watchmaker on the market, the Swiss brand has had a continuous production history for a very long time. They have made over 20 calibers throughout that time and have received over 100 patents for their advancements. Yet, a long way past their technological advances, their portfolio is full to the gills with the absolute most popular designs ever to grace a wrist. From the simply luxurious face of the Calatrava to the great icon that is the Nautilus, the brand has stayed the encapsulation of horology excellence for generations. 

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