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Best DJ Software for Windows & Mac (Free & Paid)

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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For anyone who is starting off their journey as a DJ, besides his passion for creating music and of course a sound knowledge of the same, one thing that is indispensable is the software that he is going to use. This DJ software is essentially a virtual mixer and decks. Instead of having the physical components and instruments, the software makes them all available virtually on a screen.

Be it someone novice or a seasoned professional, either way, they require software. Since it is a quintessential part of the entire setup, one must choose it very carefully after analyzing all aspects. However, it becomes difficult as the number of options available in the market is high, while they all perform the same job, more or less. In this article, we shall talk about some of this software, for both Windows and Mac users. We shall talk about both free software as well as paid ones, to help the readers understand which type of software will actually benefit them more.

  1. PCDJ DEX 3: This is professional DJ software that is available for both Mac and Windows users. While DEX 3 can be purchased for about $150, DEX 3 LE (limited edition) can be used free of cost. This is one of the most all rounding software available in the market. It is designed in a way that it enables the user to intuitively mixer their music. It offers a 4-Deck Beat-Grid-based mixing and key detection feature that enables easy yet precise mixing of the tracks resulting in perfect mixes, although the GUI has tabs for both 2-Deck and 4-Deck modes. Besides, it hosts a number of high-quality effects and filters that can be used by the DJ to enhance the quality of his mixes and help them stand out. This software allows the DJ to import tracks from their own library or iTunes or Spotify library and mix them. An extremely useful feature is the auto-mixing and random playing feature that lets the DJ take some break in the middle of an ongoing gig.DEX 3 and DEX 3 LE, both support over 100 DJ controllers from the top brands in the market like Denon DJ, Hercules DJ, Pioneer DJ, etc, with no latency playback and support.
  2. Rekordbox DJ (from Pioneer DJ): This software to works well on both Windows and Mac platforms. This is particularly compatible with Pioneer DJ hardware. It is complete DJ software. Users can choose from the 3 monthly subscription plans that it offers- (i) Creative- at $14.99 per month, (ii) Core- at $9.99 per month, (iii) Free version available without any charges. The paid versions offer a large number of features and options for a seamless DJ experience. The free version helps the user manage the music in the rekordbox library, export them and control the performance features using the Windows PC or Mac. Rekordbox is cloud-connected DJ software that is compatible with Soundcloud and Beatport Link. Those who use this can prepare a mix at home which they can play at any gig due to the software’s plug-and-play capability. Overall it is great software for all levels of DJing.
  3. Serato: It is one of the most widely used DJ software that is stable and has very low latency output. It can support more than 90 pieces of hardware from several top brands. It can stream on both Soundcloud and Tidal. It makes using the Digital Vinyl System effortless and easy. Serato DJ Lite is free software while Serato DJ Pro can be bought for $129 or subscribed for $9.99 per month. It can be used on both Windows and Mac devices.
  4. Traktor Pro (from Native Instruments): It is a fast and reliable software that lets its users customize the user interface. It offers DVS capability features. The latest version, Traktor Pro 3 is widely famous for providing a very high quality of sound. It has more than 40 deck FX along with loops and beat jumps. It has almost all the features common to its contemporaries with few additional features (like customizable UI). Available on both Windows and Mac, this software offers a wide variety of mixing options, effects, filters for the user to choose from. While Traktor DJ 2 is available free of cost, Traktor Pro 3 is available for $99.
  5. GarageBand: While it is not essentially a DJ software but a Digital Audio Workstation, the features that it exhibits are well suited for DJing, even for those who do not have a lot of knowledge about physical instruments, per se. With its latest update, which adds a set of new “loops” almost anyone with an inclination towards DJing can start making their own mixes. Since it is developed by Apple Inc. it is available for free on any Apple or iOS device, while android or Windows users can get it here. While a DAW has all the features to create music from scratch, a DJ software is more focused on features pertaining to mixing. However, GarageBand here is pretty famous for all the mixing features available on its platform and therefore can definitely act as a great alternative (especially because it is totally free of cost).

Here, all the software written about is available on both Windows and Mac. However, software like Magix Digital DJ, Music Maker are only available on Windows and not Mac. Thus, one should not download this software from illegitimate links on their Mac devices as it will be detrimental for the device.

These were some of the best and most used DJ software that can be used by both Windows and Mac users.