Curogram World’s Leading Practice Management System

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:24 am

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Curogram is one of the world’s best practice management systems that offer online appointment booking, electronic patient forms, multi-user telemedicine, automated survey, customizable smart reminders, mass texting, and two-way texting.

The company’s front desk suite provides all the important patient communication features that are required to:

  •         Grow the patient’s traffic
  •         Decrease patient no shows by 75%
  •         Raise the level of the patient’s satisfaction
  •         Decrease overhead expenses and time wasted by telecommunication

How Can Curogram Help?  From Both Company’s and Patient’s Perspective

  1.   Local Business Text Number

This system provides real local numbers that can be used for texting.  This will enable you to stop the usage of cell phones to convey the message to the patients. The provider will get a number to text and all the messages will be managed via Curogram’s mobile app or simple web.

  1.   Appointment Reminders

It specializes in sending two-way smart text message reminders. This smart reminder system permits you to set various reminders, select the time of day to transfer your reminders, and give patients modifiable content-rich reminders.

  1.   Patient Text Messaging

The two-way communication with your patients is attained by sending google or yelp review requests, simple surveys, driving direction,s and appointment reminders.

  1.   HIPAA-Secure Patient Messaging

This will enable security in two-way messaging for document transfer and medical conversations. You can send limitless messages with Android mobile patients and Curogram iOS app.

  1.   Surveys and Rating Requests

It plays an important role in creating Google/Yelp ratings and simple text survey requests.

  1.   Electronic Patient Forms

You must text your patient’s secured online intake form modified for your practice.

  1.   Online Appointment Booking

It increases the patient’s appointment by allowing them to book appointments online.

  1.   HIPAA-Secure Staff Messaging

This will enable you to connect with the internal team to decrease the time wasted on running between offices and phones calls. You will be able to set group chats to discuss a particular topic, connect with the team and collaborate on a new project.

  1.   Desktop and Mobile

The Curogram mobile provider app on android and iOS will enable you to see patient’s communication with the office or connect with your staff whether you are in or out.