Path of Exile Tools to Use

Path of Exile Tools to Use

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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For a smoother, easier playing experience

Path of Exile throws players into a dangerous world with minimal hand-holding. After the short tutorial part, they have to find their own way through Wraeclast on their own power. The game introduces a few systems for the player, mainly how to fight, and the massive passive skill tree. However, there’s also the robust item system, which also includes PoE currency. That is, there is no system for PoE currency, but players adopted a few PoE items as currency.

The item system also encompasses skills and how to equip them, as skills are contained in gems to be socketed into equipment. Then there’s also the mess that is PoE trading. With all that in mind, here are a few tools to help ease your experience with all these systems.

Path of Building (Fork)

With a massive passive skill tree and a limited supply of skill points to use, planning ahead is an advantage to take. Path of Building is an offline build simulator where you can set up your builds. Plan which passive skills to take, and see how it affects health, mana, shields, and more. Don’t waste your points on something that could end up useless. This is the perfect tool to find out the optimal path through the tree.

Now the original is quite outdated, but fortunately, there’s a ‘Fork’ where some friendly developers took the idea and improved it. The Fork has more features and better support but at the core is just the same as the old Path of Building.

FilterBlade and Neversink’s Loot Filter

These two go hand in hand. The latter lets players hide low-value items and highlight important ones. This is important when you’re wading knee-deep in loot from all the mobs you’ve defeated. With all the drops so close together and sometimes overlapping, it’s hard to distinguish the valuable items from the junk.

As for FilterBlade, it lets you fine-tune the filters for it. There are presets, but if you need a certain item for your build or want an item with certain affixes, FilterBlade can help with that. It offers more options so the filters focus on what you really need.


The Labyrinth is where players get their Ascendancy points, to be used for their Ascendancy skills. Of course, it’s not going to be as easy as a walk in the park. The labyrinth is filled with traps, and just when you think you know where to go, it changes layouts every day.

PoELab gives a map of the current labyrinth layout, useful for anyone who wants to run for the points or farm for PoE currency such as Exalted Orbs. It also gives various information you need to know about the location, giving a broad overview of everything.

Lab Compass Tool

This is more for farmers of the labyrinth. It can point them to an optimal route for what they’re trying to farm. If they want to go through some extra rooms, they can set the compass to show them as well. After setting it up, they just start the labyrinth and it’ll point their way.

It’s useful for those who need to maximize their time per PoE currency rates. Without it, farming will go for longer as the player has to find their way and might even get lost. In farming PoE currency, efficiency is key, so this tool will really come in handy. It’s also a match with PoELab, as it uses the data from that tool.

PoE Trade

It indexes all the shops in the game, making searching for something to buy that much easier. Well, the information in it is only for reference, and the game still wants players to use the official trading website. At any rate, when you’re wanting to buy something for your character or looking to sell and want to check prices, this is the tool you want.


Path of Exile can be difficult but these tools improve the quality of life while playing the game. With a game as stressful as PoE, these tools are a welcome aid. As for being a bannable offense, GGG has stated some rules for third-party programs. All these tools use what’s available and open to players, so everything’s good on that front. Using these won’t end in a ban.

While not using tools is a valid way of playing the game, you’ll find that you’ll have a harder time than those who do. Without these tools, some things can become tedious and difficult to do, which makes it likelier for you to stop having fun and even stop playing completely.

Keep on enjoying and playing Path of Exile!