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Best HubSpot CRM Competitors for Your Small Business

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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The world of business and entrepreneurship sees many players – small and big – on a daily basis. While there are many numbers and features that set apart a small business from a mid-sized or large competitor, there are very few things that vary or differ when it comes to the growth journey that certain business charts while going from small to mid-sized and finally on to a full-blown corporation or enterprise. The organization and the way of doing business is what would set the small business on a path of growth. Therefore, it would be quite fair to say that the way a small business behaves in its small days would bear a large tell on how much and how soon it will grow.

So, as you can see, even a small business is an important entity that needs to be treated as such. It needs to be handled with absolute importance because the patterns and the organization that you set here are what will decide your direction and scale.

When we talk about direction and scale, talk of the tools and systems to handle this cannot be left too far behind. You can be sure that there are a number of such tools like HubSpot and the HubSpot competitors that have become mainstay thanks to the IoT or the Internet of Things as well as the fact that we are now running our lives online, entirely.

What does a HubSpot alternative do exactly? Also, before we begin this discussion, it would be worthwhile to note that HubSpot is one of the very first platforms of its kind that started in 2006 in order to provide CRM or customer relationship management features along with sales and marketing automation to its many customers.

Yet, this is also where many customers wanted more than what they were getting from HubSpot and at a much lower cost. It would be fair to say that since HubSpot became a trend with many HubSpot competitors sprouting all over the digital world, small businesses obviously wanted to get in on the trend so that they could do the following in order to replicate and thus achieve the scale and direction of the big corporations that were using CRM:

  • Contact Management: This is one of the major activities that seem to such energy dry for all sizes of businesses and especially small businesses that are already low on resources and time thanks to the small teams that they tend to employ. With the help of HubSpot competitors, you will be able to reach, engage and maintain the interactions as well as the information for various contacts in an effortless and automated manner.
  • Big Data Organization: With the information maintained as discussed above you will be able to set marketing metrics as well as functions in the marketing funnels and sales pipelines so that you get the right information about the right customer at the right time. This would lead to greater engagement and better rates of conversion as well.
  • Automation for Marketing: When we think of marketing activities in this digital day and age, we think of mindlessly sitting and manually seeing various emails over and over again to various people. We also imagine ourselves uploading social media posts, finding leads manually, and then beginning the engagement process – by which time, we are left with very little energy. This is where the HubSpot alternative comes into play with its automation features so that emails can be sent, social media posts are queued, and upload along with lead generation so that you have all the energy to focus on engagement and closing of conversions.
  • Insight and Reporting: All small businesses need to keep an eye on the goal in terms of the right direction when one has to achieve those goals. Therefore, you need a HubSpot alternative that would throw up constant insights and reports about the performance of your small business. This would ensure that you are always on the right track and you have all the elements to take corrective measures as well.

If you look at the above features, you would realize that you would have to invest in a CRM system if you are a small business so that your time and effort, as well as resources, can be used for making conversions and building a brand. Let us look at some of the HubSpot competitors that would help you make the right choice for all your CRM and marketing automation needs:

EngageBay: This would have to be one of the best HubSpot competitors since it has a great many features that can help you automate all your marketing functions even as you establish a sales pipeline and then go ahead with lead generation, lead scoring and lead conversion at a far lesser cost. In fact, the basic plan for 1000 contacts is free for its users and the most expensive enterprise-level plan is priced at $47.99 only!

Bitrix 24: This is a well-known HubSpot alternative that can help with lead generation. But it only offers features like email marketing that do not help in building an animi channel presence for most businesses.

Customer IO: This platform is an upcoming one. The platform is one that offers minimum integrations which is not the best thing for a small business that wants to make a big impression.

Sugar CRM: The Sugar CRM platform is one that offers you many different tools. But it is quite expensive for a small business.

Insightly: This is also a well-known platform, but it is quite expensive and it also does not offer too many things to help small businesses.

The discussion here shows that EngageBay is one of the best HubSpot competitors out there thanks to the many features that it offers as well as the healthy price points that would suit the budget of a small business is a great way!