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How to Ship with uShip

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:24 am

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uShip is a shipping marketplace. It allows buyers to get multiple free quotes from shipping companies in its network of more than 788,000 carriers. Its network includes a range of transport companies, from small businesses to large carriers and even freight companies, so you can find the perfect transporter for your needs. uShip allows you to transport anything from trucks and car shipping companies to refurbished furniture and animals. The platform is fairly user-friendly, too.

Here’s the lowdown on how you can ship anything with the shipping marketplace based on uShip reviews.

How It Works

Because it’s a marketplace, uShip doesn’t haul the cargo for you. Instead, its platform uses a listing and bidding system. To start, you create a listing on the uShip website or mobile app stating what you want to ship, the pickup location, and the destination. Next, you’ll have a choice between instant quotes and bidding quotes. Both options are complementary and allow you to research potential companies you might want to work with.

Instant Quotes

The power of uShip is in the palm of your hand. Simply fill out a request, wait for the system to search its database, and get back as quickly as possible with competitive instant quotes from service providers in your area.

Bidding Quotes

With a bidding quote, you can list a shipment on the marketplace and wait for carriers to bid for it. Bidding quotes are optimal if you want to drive costs down, and it gives you more leverage in negotiating with interested shipping companies.

Research Each Bid

uShip doesn’t vet the shippers in its network, so it’s important that you vet each carrier booking. Before you choose a quote, make sure to read the client ratings and reviews for each company to make an informed decision about whom to do business with. You can also ask the carrier questions through the uShip messaging system.

Once you agree on a transport provider, you can use uShip’s messaging system to finalize your contract details. The exact details of your contract will vary depending on the company, the type of service you choose, and the contract parameters. Since uShip is more of a middleman, it’s crucial that you understand the terms and conditions of the shipment as well as any cancellation fees you may have to pay.

The Benefits of Shipping With uShip

There are many benefits to using the uShip marketplace to find a transporter for your shipment. The advantages of working with uShip are numerous. Here are some benefits of uShip that will have you singing its praises in no time:

  • Easy price comparisons: uShip’s system allows you to see the price differences between various quotes. This is helpful for those who want to cut costs and find the best deal for their shipping needs.
  • Live tracking: The uShip mobile app allows you to track your package from the moment it is picked up until delivery. When choosing a carrier, look for one that has Location Sharing turned on.
  • “Ship with Confidence” guarantee: Insure your belongings for up to $500 with uShip’s complimentary “Ship with Confidence” guarantee, which protects your cargo in the case of damage or loss.
  • uShip’s customer service: uShip offers excellent 24/7 customer care over the phone, online, and through its mobile app. If you have an issue with a shipment, you can reach out to the uShip team as soon as possible to resolve it.
  • Cargo insurance: For added peace of mind, you can add cargo insurance from uShip. The deductible starts at $50 and increases depending on the value of the cover. If your cargo is worth $500 or less, you may want to stick with the “Ship with Confidence” guarantee. If you’re hauling bigger, more valuable cargo, this may be worth looking into.


It’s easy to ship goods with the uShip marketplace. Just post a shipment request that includes your pickup information, the weight of what you are shipping, and any other pertinent details about the freight. Then simply watch as bids come in from carriers who want to haul your load for you. You can compare rates before choosing one carrier or combine shipments into one bid if it will save you money.