5 Tools You Should Invest In If You're A Recruiter

5 Tools You Should Invest In If You’re A Recruiter

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:24 am

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Excerpt: As a recruiter, you need to focus on two things- speed and quality. You can neither compromise the quality of the candidates nor the pace at which you work. Here, we have listed five such tools that will help you get both without compromising the other!

Technology has taken over nearly every aspect of our life and digitalization has been even more apparent after the pandemic. It has made our life easier and made processes that were otherwise time-consuming quicker. Its benefits have been evident in the workspace of any industry. The Internet has made any and every information available for everyone from any corner of the world. It’s up to the people now on how they use such privileges and whether they treat them advantageously or corruptly.

Software in the recruitment industry has helped the business soar to newer heights that were practically impossible at first. We all know how time-consuming recruitment can be and how tiring the whole process is in its entirety. It can be pretty overwhelming, from screening to shortlisting to collecting and keeping track of all kinds of data relevant to the process. However, these burdens have lessened by a large margin, and now one can utilize AI to scan through all the documents without even lifting a finger. In addition, we have tools like Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) that help us in more than one way. The former helps automate your workflow and helps you get done with the screening phase of recruitment quickly.

In contrast, the former helps you maintain the relationship with your customers and candidates and connect with them at all times. Both of these tools are equally important and required in any recruitment business model. 

Other than these, we have several other tools that have made their way into our lives and made our lives easier. We have compiled a list below of five such tools that you should be investing in as a recruiter:

  • Recruit CRM

Recruit CRM is a whole package and offers a 2-in-1 deal. Along with a CRM, it has an ATS integrated into its system as well. It is always best to keep your work centralized and on one platform, and investing in the software mentioned above will help you with that. You will be able to streamline your work and manage it all from one platform. It will help you keep store and keep track of data all at one place and help you stay in order at all times. Recruitment agencies use the software in about 70+ countries because of how easy the recruiting and hiring process becomes with it. 

You will be offered a free trial as well, which is one of the advantages as you will get a feel of how the software will work before you decide to invest in it. Its other features include resume parsing, reference checking, etc. Recruit CRM offers one of the best quality of customer support, which is why its customer loyalty rate is very high.

  • Grammarly

From teenagers to adults, everyone uses this software in all aspects of their lives. It is available in the form of web extension or as an application and helps with grammar correction, plagiarism checks, etc. They are pretty accurate and help you improve the quality of your articles or posts. As a recruiter, you will be dealing with a lot of documents every day. You will also have to prepare job description posts that will help you attract the right candidate. It helps you with editing and makes your documents look more professional and presentable.

It is very beneficial and has proven to be very accurate. It points out if a sentence is hard to understand or if a statement has too many words that make no sense and helps you write better. It conducts spelling checks and fills up any missing punctuation marks in your write-ups. The best thing about Grammarly is its accessibility and how easy it is to use.

  • Zoom

All aspects of our lives have taken a drastic turn ever since the pandemic happened. Now virtual meetings are part of the normalcy and are also preferred by many over in-person meetings. Zoom is a platform that helps you schedule meetings beforehand, which is extremely useful in any recruitment process. The software is straightforward to use and one of the best when it comes to interviews. Physical meetings can be hassling and tiring and cost money on both ends, and with software such as this one, virtual meetings have become smoother and easier to use. As long as you have a good internet connection, you should not be facing any issues. It has a free and a premium version, but most of its features are available on the free version as well, with a time limit of 40 minutes for every meeting conducted using the free version. It helps mainly with remote hiring and helps you improve the quality of your candidate pool.

  • Textio

It has been declared as an augmented writing platform that contributes to creating better job descriptions and listings that in turn helps you target the right kind of candidates and increase the quality of hiring and recruitment for client companies. It has been said that it helps bring in around 30% more qualified candidates. Any business is built on its marketing in the public eye, and Textio helps in that aspect. It helps you frame your job listings so that it only grabs the attention of the talent you are looking for to fill up the open position. It helps increase your brand value in the market and contributes to building up a reputable image in the industry for you and your agency. It provides you with templates and helps increase your workflow and efficiency.

  • Apollo.io

Apollo offers an integrated platform with analytics and sales management that helps you perform better in the industry. From analysis to reporting, you will have any data you require to keep up with your customer’s demands with yourself. They have described it as their goal to become a go-to-market by helping companies and firms find solutions to all their problems. The platform helps you by taking information and noting patterns from one’s client data, and then they use the project on their own set of contacts and companies and then reach a conclusion that helps determine the next best step for the recruiter. It will help you frame your marketing strategy in advance as well.

As a recruiter, you must already know how the candidate you recruit can break or make the company they are recruited for. Therefore, it’s advised to stay cautious at all times and research before you invest in any software. If the candidate you have recruited turns out to be a good one, more companies will be approaching you to fill the vacancies at their corporation. 

In addition, it will help you build a brand reputation for your recruitment agency in the industry. This is why you should keep track of all kinds of data related to your candidates’ development and progress and interview them regularly. We hope you found this article helpful and have a good time recruiting!