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Cleveland’s Best-Themed Bars for an Epic Bar Crawl

Last updated on October 9th, 2023 at 03:14 pm

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Themed bars offer visitors, tourists, and residents an incredibly unique way to take in the city of Cleveland. Embarking on an adventurous bar crawl throughout Cleveland’s most loved watering holes, you’ll be transported from tropical tiki oases to splashy neon arcades with the best selection of vintage games. Whether new to the city or looking for a new way to enjoy a night out, keep reading for the ultimate guide to the city’s best-themed bars.

The Ultimate Cleveland-Themed Bar Guide

The best-themed bars in Cleveland tell a unique story, setting the tone for a night of adventure and endless fun. This carefully curated list features the city’s best-themed bars that will guarantee an unforgettable night. The following guide features Cleveland’s most captivating bars that will help you take on your next unforgettable night.

1. Cleveland Pride Bar Crawl: A Celebration of Diversity

The exploration begins with the Cleveland Pride Bar Crawl, a celebration of diversity that adds a colorful twist to the city’s nightlife. Cleveland’s LGBTQ+ community has infused the bar scene with a vibrant energy, and venues like Twist Social Club and Bounce showcase the city’s commitment to inclusivity. Each sip of your drink becomes a toast to love, acceptance, and the dynamic spirit of Cleveland. The Pride Bar Crawl highlights themed drinks and the city’s dedication to creating welcoming spaces for everyone. Check your city for a great pub party- for example, search bar crawl in Cleveland on Bar Crawl LIVE!

2. Porco Lounge and Tiki Room

Lovers of exotic drinks and tropical getaways should try Porco Lounge and Tiki Room, Cleveland’s best-kept secret. Favored for its immersive and enchanting decor, the Porco Lounge boasts a sun-soaked atmosphere. Every bar corner features authentic designs like carved wooden masks, vibrant Polynesian-inspired art, and striking bamboo accents. If you’re searching for the best place in town for an impromptu photoshoot, this is it!

In addition to the beautiful decor, the Porco Lounge offers exceptional dining and legendary cocktails. This iconic menu consists of inventive drinks, from the standard Mai Tai to innovative fantastic concoctions served up in pineapples or seashell cups. With each sip at the Porco Lounge, you’ll be transported further into a tropical getaway.

3. The Velvet Tango Room

Cleveland’s Velvet Tango Room is an enchanting gem of a vintage bar. One visit to this establishment transports you to a destination filled with elegant patrons, the finest handcrafted cocktails, and glamorous chandeliers. A haven for cocktail connoisseurs, the Velvet Tango Room takes modern mixology to the next level.

The skilled artisans behind the bar pair precision with passion, making each drink the perfect blend of flavor and aroma. With a fantastic menu featuring unique house-made cocktails and timeless classics, any fan of fine dining and masterful mixology is sure to love a visit to the Velvet Tango Room.

4. House of Blues Foundation Room

The House of Blues Foundation Room provides music-loving guests with the allure of artistic inspiration. Enter into this legendary venue and find liquor lovers and culture fans from all walks of life. This exciting space cultivates an air of worldliness, complete with classic and cozy decor like plush furnishings, beautiful artwork, and a wonderfully intimate setting.

At the House of Blues Foundation Room, you’ll be sure to transform your next night out into an unforgettable date of dancing, drinks, and timeless memories.

More than a backdrop for your next round of shots, the House of Blues Foundation Room features all the fun you’ll need. With sought-after performances featuring local and touring artists, this venue is Cleveland’s home to the best of blues, rock, soul, and jazz.

Cleveland’s top-themed bars are more than just a way to spend the night. Each venue is a portal to another dimension that sparks your imagination and guides each patron through a truly unforgettable experience. With each venue’s unrelenting commitment to its theme and world-class offerings of refreshments, you’re in for the most memorable bar crawl yet. Remember this guide as you explore the best ways to enjoy Clevelands’ most iconic nightlife.