Why are Veneers in Turkey Getting Famous?

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Veneers are gaining popularity in Turkey, with many well-known individuals attributing their beautiful smiles to this treatment. Unfortunately, many individuals desire whiter teeth but are unable to afford the expensive fees associated with cosmetic dentistry.

The thin shells exclusively cover the front of the teeth, enhancing their appearance in terms of colour and shape. This option varies from other dental alternatives such as dental crowns. In addition, they have the ability to safeguard the front teeth and conceal minor alignment issues. People are primarily interested in veneers because they are specifically designed to appear as natural as they can. Due to these factors, veneer is quite expensive in various locations such as the USA, Canada, and the UK.

However, please do not give up immediately. You have the option to undergo the procedure in Turkey or another country that provides the same quality of service at a more affordable price. Before going through the process in Turkey, you will find yourself asking a lot of questions.

What are the reasons for considering getting veneers in Turkey?

Turkey’s stunning beauty has made it a sought-after destination for individuals seeking cosmetic dentistry treatments.  They depart with a wider smile on their face, carrying memories of the stunning beauty and exhilaration of this unique location.

There are several advantages to getting dental treatment in Turkey:

  • The advancements in dental technology: You can purchase high-quality dental supplies such as implants, veneers, and bridges in Turkey. Turkey’s Ministry of Health has certified and approved numerous dental clinics across the country. Their tools, including the 3D/CT scanner, digital x-rays, and CAD/CAM, are modern and current. You can always visit pommietravels.com for deals to travel to Turkey.
  • Dentists who have extensive experience: Turkey has a large number of highly skilled and knowledgeable licenced dentists. They are the most qualified individuals to provide dental veneers due to their extensive training.
  • Affordable prices: Turkey offers affordable prices for cosmetic dentistry services, which are lower compared to countries like the US and UK. These prices also include the expenses for travel and accommodation. In this amazing place, you can anticipate a reduction of 50-75% in the cost of veneers.
  • Turkish-inspired holiday gifts: Dental tourism in Turkey has experienced significant growth in recent years, leading to many dental centres offering special deals. The packages include the treatment fee, as well as the following:
  1.     Staying in a hotel
  2.     Transportation to and from the airport
  3.     The service is friendly.

Turkish people are renowned for their friendly nature, and healthcare professionals, including doctors and medical teams, strive diligently to ensure the satisfaction of their patients. Numerous centres have made significant efforts to establish a positive reputation globally, indicating that they provide exceptional care to their patients.

How much time does it usually take to get veneers in Turkey?

If you’re considering getting veneers in Turkey, it’s likely that you’ll need to plan for a stay of five to seven days. Certain treatments can be completed in a single appointment, while the majority of clinics typically require two appointments, scheduled two days apart. The duration of each visit is approximately two hours. During your first visit, the dentist will reshape your teeth and remove a small amount of enamel to ensure a smooth surface for the veneer application. Once your teeth are prepared, a mould is created and sent to a laboratory for fabrication. The process may require a maximum of 48 hours to complete.

In order to prepare for your permanent veneers, your dentist will need to remove a small portion of your teeth. In the meantime, you will be provided with temporary veneers. Take advantage of this opportunity to familiarise yourself with your surroundings and appreciate the stunning sights of Turkey. If you happen to be in Istanbul, there are plenty of incredible places worth visiting.

  •       The Hagia Sophia is a famous historical site.
  •       The Topkapi Palace is a historical landmark.
  •       The Blue Mosque is a famous mosque.
  •       The crypt of the basilica
  •       The Grand Bazaar is a famous market.
  •       The Palace of Dolmabahce.
  •       The Galata Tower.

The process of placing veneers

Your veneers will be ready to be applied within 48 to 92 hours. During your appointment, the dentist will ensure that the veneers fit seamlessly and match the colour of your natural teeth. It could take some time as your dentist may need to remove and adjust the veneer multiple times to ensure you achieve the desired outcome.

After confirming that the veneer fits properly, your dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth. It is crucial because bacteria trapped beneath the veneer can lead to tooth decay.   In order to create a strong bond, your dentist will use a grinding tool to slightly roughen the surface of your teeth before applying the veneer. It is crucial for the arrangement to be straight and well-aligned. Then, they will use a light to speed up the drying process of the cement.

Finally, the dentist will remove any excess cement and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the tooth is properly cleaned up. He will also make sure that you bite right.If there are any issues that arise and require fixing, you have the option to leave after getting your veneers placed. However, it is recommended that you remain in close proximity to the centre for a few days.

Certain dentists may require you to schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure the longevity of your veneers. It is important to have your veneers readjusted if they do not fit properly, as they may cause discomfort.

What can you expect after getting veneers in Turkey?

After getting veneers put on, you can continue with your day as usual. Now is the perfect time to take a long vacation and explore this beautiful country, as there is no need to worry about recovery time. Although you may experience tooth pain, it won’t spoil your vacation. The only exception would be if your dentist administered an anaesthetic during the procedure. It would be beneficial for you to take a day of rest to allow the anaesthesia to take full effect.

What is the proper care after?

Although there won’t be any medication available, it’s important to maintain good oral hygiene by regularly brushing and flossing your teeth. This is because veneers have the potential to cause damage and discoloration to your teeth. It is recommended to brush your teeth for two minutes both in the morning and before going to bed. Flossing is also important, and it’s a good idea to purchase mouthwash that contains fluoride.

After getting veneers, you don’t have to worry about any food restrictions, unlike with other dental procedures. However, it is advisable to avoid items that have the potential to cause stains on them, such as:

  •         Coffee
  •         Tea
  •         Red wine
  •         Smoking
  •         Dark berries

It is advisable to avoid consuming hard foods such as candy, raw carrots, and popcorn as they have the potential to cause damage to your veneers. If you have a habit of biting your nails or grinding your teeth, it may cause damage to your veneers. In such cases, your dentist may recommend wearing a mouthguard while you sleep at night to protect them.

Are veneers in Turkey considered safe?

Plaque removal treatments in Turkey are relatively cheaper compared to other options, but they still cost more than a typical visit to the dentist. People are concerned about the durability of these treatments and want assurance that they will be long-lasting. The veneers have a lifespan of 10 to 20 years, and you will receive a warranty for the procedure. The guarantee lasts for a maximum of five years, depending on the veneer you select. The guarantee for dental implants lasts until the end of your life if you choose to get them simultaneously.

Make sure to inquire about the guarantee policy at your dentist’s office each time, as each office may have different options available. If there is an issue with the veneer within the warranty period, many dental clinics will cover the expenses for you to return to Turkey and have it repaired or replaced.


Turkey is a well-known destination for cosmetic dentistry procedures due to its affordable packages that cover transportation to and from the airport as well as accommodation. The cost of the veneer will depend on factors such as the type of veneer you choose, the reputation and experience of the dental clinic, and the quality of the work performed.

Cosmetic dentistry in Turkey is affordable due to the favourable exchange rate compared to the US dollar and the pound sterling. Additionally, there are no hidden fees involved. Turkey offers two of the most common types of veneers: composite and porcelain. Composite veneers are more affordable, but their durability is not as long-lasting. On the other hand, plaque veneers have a longer lifespan but come at a higher cost.

Certain dental centres may require a deposit prior to your arrival in Turkey, while others may prefer to receive payment upon your arrival.  To complete this process, it will be necessary for you to remain in Turkey for a duration of five to seven days. There are two visits involved in the process. During the first visit, your teeth will be prepared and a mould will be made. The second visit is when the veneers will be applied. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore everything that this place has to offer. Once you have veneers put on, there is no need to wait for healing, allowing you to either leave immediately or take advantage of this opportunity to extend your vacation.