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Why Do I Need Digital Price Tags in My Store?

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:24 am

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Have you ever thought about turning your store into a high-tech shopping experience for your customers? However, you can’t find more efficient ways to do it. Yet, there is a simple solution to this problem: to turn this dream into reality, you need to choose digital price tag technology in your store.

Digital price tags are also known as electronic shelf labels (ESLs). This wireless retails solution is attached to your shelves in front of your products, like a normal price tag. Still, there are a number of differences – digital price tags run on battery power, use an internet connection, the price of the product is shown on the LCD display screens which can be updated anytime time the store manager deems fit for the customer.

Below we will discuss in detail the major factors that can enhance the shopping experience of your customers in your store with the use of digital price tags.

Understanding the Importance of Digital Price Tags in Your Store

Even if, installing an ESL system needs a moderate initial investment – store owners looking to stay ahead of their competition may find that digital price tags will save them significant time and money in the long run. The potential advantages a retail store owner might gain from the adoption of ESLs include:

Active Centralized Pricing

When you have one centralized pricing and all price points are controlled and adjusted with the help of software on your central computer (which is aligned with regional and corporate-level pricing fluctuations). Your customers will have the advantage of more efficient and accurate pricing on all the products throughout your store.

Digital price tags also give you the benefit of dynamic pricing or pricing that adapts to several other factors, such as, rising the prices to match customer demand on account of low inventory; lowering the prices to match competitors’ or to sell items more quickly before the end of their shelf lives. While shopping, these changes can make customers appreciate your store even more.

Heat Mapping to Improve In-house Store Efficiency

A lesser-known feature of ESLs is that it can track how customers move in a store. ESLs can be easily connected with technologies like Bluetooth which can track the movement of your customers. Digital price tags then generate a heat map of the store’s level plan, revealing high-traffic areas and logging the products they contain.

With this important feature, you can start adding the products which are in high demand. Digital price tags can benefit your store in many ways and SES-Imagotag’s website can provide you with all the information you need.