3 documents you need to be able to work in the UK

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:24 am

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Would you like to work in the UK? As a Non-UK citizen, you can work and reside legally in this country. There are proven ways that allow you to migrate to this country. However, migrating to the UK is not an easy process.

 Nevertheless, you can obtain the right information and smartly navigate your way there. To live and work in the UK, you will need some documents. These documents will be crucial in your job application process. Well, which are these documents? Not to worry! This and many other questions will be answered in this post. 

Top 3 Documents you need to work in the UK

1.   Certificate of Sponsorship 

In order to apply for a visa, you will need a sponsorship certificate. Without this document, you will not be able to proceed even further. This document will be provided by your employer. 

Obtaining a job offer is the first step, after which your employer will issue you a sponsorship certificate. To do this, they must be eligible. Your employer must possess a legal sponsorship license and necessary documentation. If not, your entry into the UK would be denied.

Furthermore, your job offer must also satisfy the sponsorship requirements before a certificate can be issued. These requirements include:

  •     You must receive at least the minimum wage in your line of work.
  •     Your Job role should require at least an A-level or an RFQ level 3.

2.   Skilled Worker Visa 

You must meet certain requirements to be able to work legally in the UK. For UK citizens, this is their national passport, but for immigrants, it is a valid Work Visa.

You should budget about £ 2000 for your work visa application fee, which covers health charges and visa fees. This could be less if there is a high demand for your skills.

Furthermore, there are certain conditions to fulfill before your visa can be granted. These involve;

  •     Immigration skills charge – should be paid by your sponsor
  •     Criminal records certificate
  •     English proficiency
  •     Tuberculosis test clearance (If requested)

3.   Biometric Residence Permit

You will need a residence permit if you wish to stay more than six months in the UK. With the permit, you can stay for up to ten years.

The residence permit is easy to get. You can get one along with your visa, or you can get one within a few days of arrival in the UK. You’ll be fined if you don’t get it by the due date.

Who is Eligible for the UK?

With the UK’s separation from the EU, the work application process has become more rigorous. Meanwhile, https://iasservices.org.uk/ can make the procedure easier. The process, however, differs for different groups of people.

The first type of person who can work in the UK is its citizen. They are not subject to any strict requirements, other than to prove their nationality, residency permit, and criminal record.

Citizens of any EU or EFTA country fall under the second category. Like UK nationals, they can work and live freely without a work visa.

People who are not citizens of the UK, EU, or EFTA – on which this article will focus – are those who must follow certain laid down guidelines before being able to work in the UK. Also worth mentioning is that this country does not permit work permits for unskilled workers unless a shortage of skilled workers exists.

Learn more about the types of work visas you can apply for to migrate to the UK below.

What type of Visa is available for Workers?

For people who wish to migrate to the UK for work, there are several types of visas available. Tier 1 visas, skilled worker visas, Tier 5 visas, permitted paid engagements, training placements, and student visas are just some of the types.

Tier 1 visas are reserved for those who are of exceptional merit or have a business plan, and the categories include entrepreneur, student entrepreneur, and investor. 

For people who want to volunteer or engage in social causes, there is a visa called the Tier 5 Visa. There is a two-year maximum for this Visa. They include the Tier 5 temporary worker and youth mobility scheme.

Tier 2 is now known as the skilled worker Visa. This work visa is categorized into four. These Visa types are General talent, intra-company transfer, Sportsperson, and Minister of religion. 

Final Thoughts

Either a citizen or a non-citizen, you need some documents before you can work in the UK. Meanwhile, apart from the documents stated in this post, there are some other documents you may be asked to provide before you begin work. Some of these include; bank account, qualification certificates, National insurance, and lots more.