Kraken Vs. Coinbase

Kraken Vs. Coinbase – Let’s get to know them better

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:24 am

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If you are not new to the world of cryptocurrency, then these two cryptocurrency exchange platforms wouldn’t be new to you. Coinbase and Kraken are two of the most popular platforms across the world. There are a few differences between them. One of the significant differences that experts point out is that Coinbase is ideal for beginners, and Kraken is best for other traders. 

At times, Kraken is considered the better of the two because it charges fewer fees on any transaction. Kraken also offers a broader range of choices in terms of coins available on the platform. 

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Kraken vs Coinbase

Here are the key differences between Kraken and Coinbase:

Customer Support system

Coinbase and Kraken both have been having issues for a long time with customer support systems. However, both have come a long way since then, and now they have a quicker response and resolution time when contacted by customers for any problem. 

Security and safety

Millions of dollars are traded daily on these platforms. So, undoubtedly, the security and safety of using these platforms are the highest priority. Both platforms provide top-notch transaction security. Users can rely on both these platforms to give them the best and most secure trading experience. Many SaaS companies have kept their service top-notch and provide security patches to these platforms to safeguard security vulnerabilities in the software. 


Fees are a crucial factor when it comes to choosing an exchange platform. Between the two, Kraken charges lower transaction fees as compared to Coinbase. Therefore, people who deal in heavy currency exchange prefer using this platform. Hence, if you too prefer paying fewer charges, you can opt for Kraken. However, it is recommended to use Coinbase because of its ease of use if you are a starter.


Kraken and Coinbase are both established players in the market for quite some time now. Both have a large number of users that deal with millions of coins each day. Both these platforms have their share of advantages and disadvantages. If you wish to start trading in cryptocurrency, any of these can be a great choice.