Features of PDFBear

5 Interesting Features of PDFBear

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:29 am

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Computers and the files they keep have grown so much compared to how they started. The limitations of storage have drastically improved from kilobytes and terabytes. File sizes used to be large and hard to share and print, but now you can view and transmit your files through your smartphones without any hassle. Thanks to the invention of PDFs. 

The portable document format has been a remarkable innovation since it has the features of the ideal file. PDFs are believed to last until the next decade because of its broad spectrum of usefulness. How do you edit these files converted to PDF, though? Here are the features of PDFBear and know why you should use it to maximize your PDFs:

PDFBear: Adding Page Numbers to Your PDFs

PDFs are most likely unable to be edited because of its natural design. However, there are few efficient ways to edit your PDFs without compromising its quality. The Topmost and best way to do it is by using PDFBear. If you want to be extra organized and better view your documents, here is how you can add page numbers to PDF:

  • Browse for your PDF file and update it to PDFBear.
  • After uploading, select the position where you want to place the page number. 
  • Click “number pages,” and your file will be modified and ready to download.

As you can see, the steps in editing your PDFs are pretty simple as long as you have the appropriate tool. You need not download this software for continuous PDF modifications. You can use its services for free as long as you have a good internet connection. PDFBear also has more functions depending on your PDF adjustments required. 

Adding Watermarks to Your PDFs

Adding a personal touch to your files, especially for private and confidential data that requires proper ownership, is a must. As mentioned earlier, PDFs are less modifiable compared to other file formats. With PDFBear, editing comes handier, including adding watermarks to maintain proper copyrights. Follow these steps to add watermark: 

  • Select your file, and drag it to PDFBear.
  • Type the text you would like to watermark on your document. You can also use images.
  • Put the watermark on the proper position, depending on your needs. 
  • Apply and save the changes, then download your PDF. Your PDF now has your personalized watermark. 

PDF Online Converter

The PDFBear online converter tool is one of its main assets. Aside from adding personal touches to your PDFs, PDFBear also has this free, efficient converter tool for you to transform your PDFs in any file format. For example, you have a document that needs adjustments with its text; you can convert your PDF to the Word format for you to make easier editing.

You can also make these adjustments with your spreadsheets and presentations, as it can also convert your PDFs to Excel and PowerPoint. Check PDFBear’s converter tool and see how vast the selection is for your PDF conversion to other file formats and vice-versa. If you also have other issues to fix your PDFs, you can also use the split and merge function.

Split and Merge PDFs

PDF Split is the function you need when you have encountered a compilation of documents that are not supposed to be together. With PDFBear’s split, you can separate your pages and save them on separate file locations for better file organization. On the other hand, PDF Merge is the service you can use to combine different PDFs into one compact file. 

If you have received documents from various sources and want to make a compilation out of them, using PDFBear’s Merge is the best solution. PDFBear’s services are offered for free and are guaranteed to be fast, safe, and effective. It has a sophisticated security system to ensure your files’ safety and confidentiality. 

PDF Compress

If you have encountered large files that need size reduction for more convenient file transmission, PDFBear’s compress function is what you need. For example, the file is composed of high-definition images resulting to large size, compressing it through PDFBear efficiently shrinks your file’s size without compromising the quality. 


You have now learned the essential functions of PDFBear, and you are now ready to use it for sure! PDFBear saves your time and does not deplete your wallet since they can give you the best services for free.