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Online Review Platforms: Growth Hack For Every Business In 2023

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With consulting the Internet first, almost every customer makes a buying decision in this modern world. For businesses, online reviews are vital and very impactful. Gathering reviews on customer review platform can develop trust and encourage conversions. These customer review platforms help businesses and brands to know their position in the market as well and they also help customers to make their buying decisions. Online reviews can be used as a marketing tool by businesses and convert their prospective customers into consumers. 

Online review platforms have their well-deserved worth as customers get used to online shopping. We have curated a list of the most reliable and best-rated online review platforms in this blog. Let’s understand some basics and customer review platforms and how they help businesses and brands are now adding reviews on their websites. Let’s get started! 

What Do You Understand By A Review Platform?

A review website where customers or users can provide a review about a particular product or service for prospective customers to read is known as a Review platform. More customers will be attracted to your business when more people know about how good your business and in this process ideal and honest reviews will help you. Placing customer testimonials in the right place is an important direction for your business because it attracts more new customers. Posting customer feedback on your website and social media is always a nice idea. 

Top Online Review Platforms For Your Business 

To know about any product or brand, there are numerous online review platforms available for customers. Here is a list of top online review platforms for your business to save you time and effort. 

1. Google Reviews 

Google reviews are highly visible to prospective customers and incorporated into Google search results. Google holds immense value for businesses as it is a widely recognized review platform for customer testimonials and feedback. Based on different aspects such as location, product, or type of service, businesses and brands can be easily searched and reviewed. Google is also considered the most trusted and credible platform around the globe. Many businesses and brands display Google reviews on their websites. 

2. Facebook Reviews 

With billions of active users, Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world. Facebook reviews are also known as Facebook recommendations and it holds a total of 19% of customer reviews. Your business can get a significant edge with Facebook reviews. On any of the online review sites, having a Facebook page for your business will provide you with a wide range of options. Your customers will also like, comment, and ask questions on reviews apart from reading reviews of other people or leaving reviews. 

3. Tripadvisor Reviews 

Another popular customer review platform is Yelp. To search local businesses and read reviews of other customers, Yelp is a great place. Yelp platform has several benefits that are still valued by millions of users. Before successfully extending its impact to other areas of business, the Yelp platform has managed to hold a strong reputation initially it was focused only on restaurants. Yelp permits customers to leave reviews, post photos, and rate businesses. A variety of businesses like hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and service providers are covered by Yelp. 

4. Tripadvisor 

Tripadvisor was introduced to the world in the year 2000 and since then it has evolved so much. Tripadvisor now publishes online customer reviews of coffee shops, spas, entertainment venues, and cafes apart from covering travel companies, hotels, restaurants, and vacation rentals. For customers, Tripadvisor is a great source who are planning a trip or vacation because this platform gives detailed information on local attractions, activities, and hotels. 

5. G2 Reviews 

For the software and SaaS industry, G2 reviews are the most trusted review platform. The G2 platform has more than 4 million monthly visitors which makes it the leading B2B software company. With massive traffic, G2 is a highly engaging platform. Consumers can also give information about their experience with the brand with detailed questioning. Visitors can also express their opinions on particular reviews based on their experience, thanks to the voting system of the G2 radius. 

6. TrustRadius 

TrustRadius focuses on B2B software and services companies just like the G2 reviews. You can easily authenticate TrustRadius through LinkedIn which makes your account setup easy and simple. To make sure only genuine customer reviews are showcased on the platform, there are multi-step processes that verify every review on the platform. For collecting feedback and understanding customers’ issues, TrustRadius is a particularly good tool. TrustRadius provides in-depth reviews for website visitors with an average of more than 400 words on each review. TrustRadius is the most honest review platform as it does not offer sponsored options. 

7. Capterra 

The Capterra review platform is also a famous product review platform among SaaS companies. For reviews, users can easily search for software by software type, specific product, and industry. By using the “Compare To” feature of the platform, users can directly compare up to four companies. Using this platform is definitely beneficial as a recommendation to improve your SEO rankings. 

Final Note 

For businesses and brands, online review platforms are an important tool to increase brand reputation, improve brand recognition, and acquire customer trust. From general platforms to specific product review platforms, there are many websites available for online customer reviews. Businesses and brands can use different ways like showcasing star ratings, creating a testimonial page, incorporating product review platforms, and using review badges to show reviews on the website. 

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