Startup Ideas of 2020

10 Fresh Startup Ideas of 2020

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:50 am

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Going into business is a grand adventure, made even better if you have a niche market that hasn’t been done to death already. There are so many possibilities beyond the mundane. How many coffee shops do we really need? Having a different, exotic, exciting, or specific niche is the best way to set yourself apart.

Starting Your Business

You don’t have to be a fortune 500 magnate to start a new business. Technically, an online casino with the Mr. Bet game is a startup. There are plenty of startup ideas for students, and kids all over the world have thrived doing them. Since COVID hit, startup ideas from home have been huge. If you must be sequestered to your house, you can still make money.

And speaking of COVID, there have been a bunch of startup ideas for 2020, directed specifically at the pandemic. Some are benevolent, and some take advantage of other people’s pain, but they both seize the opportunity. For what it is worth, we do not condone taking advantage of anyone, especially when we should all band together. 

Startup ideas like online businesses and new delivery services for people too afraid or at risk to brave the pandemic have skyrocketed. And since the world has changed so dramatically, startup ideas post COVID will be dynamic and unexpected, too. And therefore, now is the time to get your startup idea in the planning stages. 

Making Startup Ideas

Figure out what you want to do: be your own boss, support yourself and your family? Then, you need a market that is just about ready to explode. What does the world lack that you can provide?

Here are a handful of startup ideas for the future:

  • Space Tourism

Ok. We are starting WAY out of the box. Space tourism is already underway in its initial planning stages. And within the next two decades, the market for space tours and trips to Mars will be more than 400 billion dollars. Getting in on the ground floor can be very lucrative.

  • Robotics

Still, in the arena of space, space robotics is an innovative niche that has been tinkered with, but as a startup not yet implemented for a regular person without degrees in astrophysics and rocket science, it could be a fun way to get your foot in a very large door. 

  • Green Ideas

For startup ideas for business, the more benevolent, the greater the traction from people who love what you are doing. While some companies are planning to leave the planet, why not start to help the Earth? Preserving the world’s environment has certain monetary and humanitarian applications. And your children will be proud to say what their parents do for a living.

  • IT

Google is giving opportunities to secure an information technologies certificate that can benefit you and look awesome on a resume. What’s more, many companies need good IT support. And you can do it from home.

  • Cybersecurity

This one is not for the faint of heart. However, as a startup idea in lockdown, with tons of time, learning to code for penetration testing is entirely doable. Some of the concepts might seem on the edge of legal, but for a white-hat pen tester getting paid to check online security for companies to ensure they are safe from internet intrusion, the time and effort will pay off very well.

  • VR

The new revolution of gaming is VR. It has also become the new revolution of porn, real estate, and many other applications. It is not the latest concept, but it is picking up steam as the units improve. 

  • Copywriting

Copywriting is writing for sales. But copywriting also covers content, like blogs and internet articles, as well as all digital marketing. It can be done remotely if you secure the right client, masterclasses to get into the field are plentiful on the internet, and you can make a good living while wearing whatever you want. No suit and tie needed. Unless you want to.

  • Solar

Another green solution that is both plentiful and lucrative is selling, installing, and even marketing, solar energy. Solar panels come in many sizes, from those you can take camping to the items of your roof size. Solar is clean, cheap, and will save the user tons on electric bills, often to the point they can sell the excess back to the electric company.

  • Fitness

During the lockdown, with gyms closed and motivation at an all-time low, people need a partner in their corner to get them off the couch. If you are fitness-minded and have a clever hook that will inspire people to trust and follow your lead, then starting a fitness blog or YouTube channel could be the right plan for you. And you can get sponsors who will pay you to keep doing what you’re doing.

  • Cryptocurrency

Whether you believe in it or not, many folks love the anonymity of cryptocurrency and trade it like stocks. If you can get into that market, with its high relative gains and minimal fluctuation, you could be set for life in a very short time.


You asked what are good startup business ideas, and we gave you a few, but we know that if you think hard, you already have a landmark concept brimming in your mind. What do you want to do? Does the world need it, or more of it? Will it support your family? Go into it with passion, but also be realistic. Just not so realistic that you talk yourself out of a golden opportunity. Do you have a fun startup idea?