Long Throw Projector

Long Throw Projector

Why Should You Opt For A Long Throw Projector?

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Long throw projectors are the ones that have a throw ratio greater than 1. This type of projector uses a light lamp source to display the images on larger screens. The quality of the images does not get compromised due to the long distance.

 Long-throw projectors need to be installed at a distance of at least six feet to project the images perfectly. Due to this, they are a suitable choice for exhibition halls and other large-scale settings. Learning the benefits of such projectors can motivate you to use them in your specific setting.

Get into the details of this article to learn and explore why you should opt for a long-throw projector and make a choice that pays you off in the long run.

Top 6 Benefits of Long Throw Projectors

Long-throw projectors have always been the ultimate choice for various types of setups due to the quality of the results. Moreover, the ability to offer perfect resolution even at longer distances makes them ideal for presentations and entertainment activities like movie nights, outdoor concerts, etc.

Here are the major benefits of opting for long throw projectors you must be aware of to make the right choice for your setup and needs.

  •  Cost Effective

Cost-effectiveness is the basic benefit of long throw projectors you should know about. The light bulb installed in the devices works for thousands of hours before requiring any maintenance. It means your device will work perfectly for years without requiring any maintenance, which makes it a worthwhile investment. 

Moreover, it can be used in a lot of settings and on multiple occasions, which means you will not have to invest in other devices. Authorities often contact and consult Epson UAE services and opt for long-throw projectors to ensure a cost-effective choice.

  •  Ideal for Long Rooms

Long throw projectors are ideal for long rooms, which is the next major benefit you need to know about. This type of projector is specifically designed to offer higher resolution at a greater distance. Even if there is a significant distance between the device and the projection wall, it will not compromise the quality of the results. 

Due to this, long-throw projectors are an ideal choice for conference rooms, seminars, and other such long-scale events and meetings. They ensure all the attendees can perfectly grasp the details without any hindrance.

  •  External Sound Options

The external sound option is another notable benefit of long-throw projectors you must be aware of. The sound of presentation materials and media files played on the long throw projectors can be low due to the long distance. It may undermine the quality of experience of attendees, but the external sound option saves the events. 

The authorities can connect speakers and other sound devices to ensure the sound is perfectly audible for everyone and enjoy the results. Not many projectors come with this option, so you must watch out and make the right choice.

  • Bigger Screen Size

Bigger screen size is another notable benefit of long throw projectors you should know about. Most projectors used in office settings have shorter throws and need to be installed near the screens. Even then, they cast a smaller shadow and create small-sized screens. The limited screen size can negatively impact the experience and understanding of the attendees, so it is better to give up on it. Instead, bigger screen size is a suitable option for corporate offices for meetings and presentations as they ensure a bigger screen size and boost the quality of experience.

  •  Reduced Glare

Reduced glare is another notable benefit of long-throw projectors you should know. Some of the low-quality projectors refract the light and cause intense glare, which makes it difficult for the attendees to look at the screen comfortably. 

However, this is not the case with long-throw projectors. They have a very limited glare, too, in the case when they hit the sunlight at a certain angle. So, you do not have to worry about glare, even in the case of outdoor experiences. You can explore and check the performance beforehand to ensure the perfect quality results.

  • Perfect for Outdoor Use

The last benefit of long throw projectors is that it is perfect for outdoor use too. If your organization is setting up a concert in the open air, you can use the long throw projector to boost visibility for everyone. Moreover, it can be used for various other outdoor and open-air events, which can include gala dinners, fundraising events, etc. 

The events will contribute to the branding of your organization, and you will not have to spend extra on equipment. You can contact Epson UAE suppliers to choose the best long throw projector and fulfill your needs efficiently.

Are you interested in long throw projectors?

If you are interested in getting long-throw projectors, you should never trust any random service provider. Contact certified dealers or suppliers to get the best devices and fulfill all your needs efficiently.

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