WhatsApp Finally Allowing

WhatsApp Finally Allowing the Users To Hide Them From Showing Online

Last updated on April 7th, 2024 at 12:58 pm

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Ever had somebody sent you a WhatsApp message, solely to follow up several minutes later with one thing along the lines of Hey, I do know you are online, why are not you responding?

You should be ready to place a finish thereto fairly before long.

A new WhatsApp beta for mechanical man, version, adds the power to cover your online standing, WABetaInfo reportable Fri. online standing shows up on high of the window once you open a conversation, showing you whether or not a user is online or, if not after they have last seen mistreatment the app.

Now, users can have the power to customize each of the “last seen” and “online” options to be shown to everybody, all contacts, solely hand-picked contacts, or nobody. In addition, this hidden WhatsApp status is extremely beneficial.

We knew the feature was returning due to a report from WABetaInfo earlier this month, however at the time, it was below development for iOS, with no clue on once it should be returning to mechanical man.

Now, however, with the feature showing in an exceedingly WhatsApp beta, it’s close to sure to show up in a politician update to the WhatsApp application before long.

Besides concealing the fact that you’ve got been (ab)using WhatsApp all day, the feature ought to be helpful if you are attempting to avoid somebody bugging you or to be ready to check on one thing in your chat history while not everybody pounces on you with messages.