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14 sites with free professional videos and images for your website

Last updated on April 16th, 2024 at 11:50 am

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However, many people, with and without experience in digital marketing, make a mistake that can cause headaches: using photos or videos that do not have the rights to be released. That’s right! Only some things we find on the internet are available for use, and we must be cautious to refrain from plagiarizing content or disclosing anything without prior authorization.

To help you with this mission, we have listed the 13 main sites to find professional images and free videos online. Check out!

  • Pixabay

Pixabay provides more than 1.2 million high-quality videos and photos on diverse topics . All of its content is free and available in the public domain. You can download files with the following sizes: 640×425, 1280×850, 1920×1276 and 3000×1994 (pxl).

The site has a large number of images of different themes. Despite also having a Portuguese version, the original page was created in English, and it is an easy-to-use tool, which ensures that you find a desired photo very quickly and efficiently. To download high-resolution photos (3000×1994 px), you must register on the website.

  • Gratisography

Gratisography is the result of a project created by artist Ryan McGuire. Even though it is not Brazilian, the site has free support, which allows quick and easy access for all audiences. It is essential for those looking for professional images with very high resolution and already have an idea of which niche (urban, natural, human) they fit into.

If you need curious, funny and different options, this site is ideal. Gratisography allows you to download without having to log in. Furthermore, it is copyright-free, which makes it easier to access different photos — every week, the tool makes new ones available.

  • Life Of Pix

Life Of Pix is another international website that, like the others, provides countless free professional images. The options are of high quality and are on an extremely reliable and easy-to-use platform. His photographs are more focused on the personal and urban niche, that is, they mix images of individuals in cities, as well as natural landscapes.

One of the great advantages of Life Of Pix is that you can access the address from any device, such as a tablet, computer or cell phone. The site has an interesting strategy for having new images, as it partners with young and promising photographers, making them collaborators of its tool.

  • Pexels

All photos on Pexels have a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. This means that all professional images on the site are completely free for legal use, without the need to attribute a source or anything like that. The photographs are of very high quality and are unique compared to other sites.

Another very interesting point is that, besides downloading photos that interest you, you can share images of your own (as long as they are of high quality) so that other people can have access. This way, it is possible to contribute to a large network of images updated daily.

  • Open Photo

The international website Open Photo also has a large collection of images, but there is a small disadvantage: its platform is more challenging to use than others and requires registration (email and password) for free access.

If you have a little patience, however, you will find a series of professional images that are only available here. Its base provides alternatives on different themes and of very high quality. It’s worth learning how to use this tool to access Open Photo images.


IM FREE is a platform with free images, distributed across several categories. This excellent website is created by IM-Creator, which, in addition to offering an extensive bank of excellent quality images, also provides website templates and icons for you to use at will. Photos from this resource are also released for commercial purposes.

A new feature of IM FREE is that the site itself encourages professional designers to edit photos. The tool is easy to use and, therefore, makes it very quick to find a specific image on a topic. The photos in its collection have different segments and many of them are unpublished.

  • Free Digital Photos

Free Digital Photos is a tool with available, free, and copyright-free images. It has photos from different categories and themes for you to choose from and include on websites and blogs of your choice. The majority are produced by photographers, designers and other independent professionals who collaborate with Free Digital and gain publicity for their work.

Due to the collaboration of great experts in content production, practically all images are of high quality. Using the tool is very easy and the speed you find specific topics is high. Several corporations use Free Digital Photos and has trust and credibility.

  • FreePik

The site is one of the most famous image banks on the internet. In addition to being free, FreePik has many high-resolution photographs for you to choose from and use. However, one recommendation from the site is highly demanded by its employees: it is necessary to give credit to those responsible for producing the beautiful images.

If you do not want to include the credits, you must subscribe to a Premium subscription. To do this, you will cost US$7.50 per month (around R$29/month) for 12 months. However, if you want to subscribe for just one month, you will have to spend US$9.99 (about R$39).

  • Stockpic

Stokpic is a relatively new alternative that excels in image quality. It was created by photographer Ed Gregory just over a year ago and offers photos for commercial or personal use without the need for attribution.

The big difference is that it works like an exclusive club. You can view the images on the website, but to download them, you need to register. The process is completely free and you also receive 10 new photos every 2 weeks by email. The bank is growing and offers diverse creative pieces.

  • Distill

Distill is ideal for those looking for videos to use in their digital strategy. All productions are in HD, which guarantees an excellent display.

The download is done directly from the website, but you can sign up for the service’s newsletter. By doing this, you receive 10 new videos every 10 days. If you have high quality images of your own creation, it is also possible to feed the address bank.

  • Videoezy

Another option with free videos, Videezy, has videos in 4K or HD. Filmed in excellent production conditions, they appear in several themes. The pieces come with a royalty-free license, which guarantees problem-free commercial use.

Most are completely free, which offers great savings. Others require the acquisition of credits, which are obtained through a subscription. Each credit costs US$19 (around R$75), but it is possible to buy 5 credits for US$39 (R$154) or 10 for US$49 (R$194).

  • Coverr

To make your website homepage more beautiful, Coverr is the ideal tool. The license allows commercial use without attribution, so there’s no need to worry when applying them to your digital strategy. In fact, the website makes it clear that the license granted to users is irrevocable — and you will not have any problems in the future.

The videos are high quality and come in different categories, such as people, nature, and even exclusive animations. Downloading does not require registration and is completely free.

  • Canva

Create stunning videos using Canva ‘s new free online video editor. The new feature allows you to create videos in different formats for different platforms, such as Tik Tok, Youtube, Stories and Reels, Facebook, presentations, etc. The Canva editor has a library with thousands of licensed video templates and audio tracks, as well as many image options, icons, and graphic elements.

Also count on exclusive features, such as text and page animations, recording and editing directly from the application, real-time team collaboration, easy exporting and sharing on social media, etc. The Canva Pro subscription also offers the Automagic Format function, which allows your video to be adapted into different formats for different platforms. Canva is available for Android, iOS, or the web.

  • FlexClip

FlexClip is a versatile online video creation and editing platform that empowers users to create stunning videos effortlessly. It offers a wide range of customizable templates for various purposes, including marketing videos, social media content, presentations, and more. You can access over 4,000,000 royalty-free media assets, music, and images to enhance your website’s visual appeal.

Additionally, FlexClip offers AI-powered imaging functionality, allowing you to create AI avatars, illustrations, product photos, and various marketing materials.

What about the website template?

In addition to worrying about images and videos, it is essential to consider the website’s appearance. After all, it is a fundamental part of the success of the online strategy and must have a pleasant appearance.

There are many free options, and the best choice is to use free WordPress templates. Several developers offer complete models fully compatible with the content management system.

Regarding the look, it is essential to be careful with some aspects. See if the layout is easy to navigate and has a modern feel. It’s also worth checking if it has space to use the free videos you want, for example.

It is still interesting to check whether the available functions meet your needs. Presenting an environment for contact or a blog is perhaps the most relevant points for your strategy — so keep an eye out!

Also, check out developer support. Being able to customize is essential, as is answering questions or resolving errors. With more significant support from the developer, the results are better.

Now that you know the most essential digital collections, choose which one meets your needs and collect professional images and videos. You must pay attention to all the guidelines on the sites you select. Try to define which themes you want to use most and choose the one that offers the most options.

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