Word Problem Solving Skills

6 Apps That Enhance Your Word Problem Solving Skills

Last updated on August 30th, 2023 at 10:40 am

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Knowledge of dealing with the words in the correct technique is an excellent skill that we always have to acquire. Understanding even your complete native language is more complex than it seems. However, this does not mean that we stop putting in any efforts. These are the plus points of word games:

  •         The mystery
  •         The effort to keep on learning

All of the people in the world are required to enhance their word problem-solving skills. We are here to provide reliable solutions for this scenario. Therefore, we suggest six apps that can enhance your word problem-solving skills.


Scrabble is considered the best word game. It is equally famous amongst youngsters, children and elderly people. This is played and enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. There are zillions of best scrabble apps available in the Apple App Store and Google play store. However, the most played and recommended app by people is Scrabble Go. This is because it offers a free new and updated version of the classic game of words that the majority of people are fond of. In this game named Scrabble Go, you can easily look for people that you would want to compete against. Words with friends are also a very famous scrabble game.


WordBrain was effectively utilized by more than 40 million word intellects. This is claimed by the presentation page from Google play claims. Both word searching and logic skills have become stronger after playing word brain regularly. Being a player, you can grow via thousands of difficult word puzzles as you try to look for the correct words and solve the numerous puzzles. In this game, you find the words in the right order for resolving the levels. You should have your spelling skills, word search, and puzzle-solving in the best form possible.

Word Connect

In this game, you only have to move the letter blocks and create words for gathering coins. The crossword puzzles are ready to get resolved by those who are very good. This game enables you to find hidden words and build new ones. This exciting game is played for the following reasons:

  •         Powered by Oxford Dictionaries
  •         Tons of words and a total of 13,596 levels
  •         Various Modes like the daily challenge, crossword, and normal.

Word Stacks

This game was created by the same people who developed wordscapes. This means that great things can be expected from both games. Word stacks permit the players to start working, expand vocabularies, and relax their brains at the same time. It is also called an immersive word search game that offers a shape-shifting twist. The game utilizes natural landscape backgrounds to assist the player to reduce stress.


As per the claims of the makers of the wordscapes, allocating ten minutes per day to play this game will sharpen the user’s mind. This will also assist you to get prepared for the daily challenges. This game provides you enjoyment with word searches, crosswords, and anagrams. Being a player, you will encounter challenges like locating numerous hidden words and connecting letters. You will be gifted with beautiful landscapes that will provide delight to your eyes.


According to this game, anagram meets word search and attains a smidgen of crosswords. In short, Type is the latest anagram puzzle and imagined again from the ground up, as it amalgamates the latest game design, a mobile-first approach, and wordplay.

Even though for the majority of the anagram games, you require to find the latest combinations in one word, things are altered in TypeShift. As per this letter game, you will have to find three to five words that are scrambled and stacked up together.