A Guide to Technology Solutions Used in eCommerce Fulfillment

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:28 am

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The well-structured eCommerce businesses implement technology solutions to improve their fulfillment process. Basically, to scale, you should need to use order fulfillment software to follow a comprehensive approach for managing orders, picking, packing, and finally shipping of items.

Sometimes numbers can show you a more clear picture of eCommerce fulfillment trends. Here are some of the interesting stats for you.

This time the global eCommerce fulfillment services market size is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 6.5% from 2020 to 2027.

Today, the percentage of online merchants using more than one channel for selling increased to 86% globally.

Approximately 77% of eCommerce businesses are planning to outsource fulfillment services to 3pl software for managing inventory, order fulfillment, transportation, and warehousing.

E-commerce fulfillment operations in Canada have become easy & smooth with the use of sophisticated technologies and a variety of technology solutions.

To help you kick things off, I’m sharing here 3 types of technology solutions to implement in your e-commerce fulfillment process.

Essential Technology Solutions For Perfecting Your E-commerce Fulfillment Strategy

Order Management Solution

Managing millions of orders in a day is one of the trickiest things. And for this, it is crucial that eCommerce businesses should have the right order management solution in place. If you’re not aware of the order management system, you might either end up losing both customers and money. Managing orders on spreadsheets is a thing of the past. Automation is the way out of it. Implementing a good and robust order management solution will help you not only organize the flow of orders and reduce handling costs but it will also help in saving time and increasing efficiency.

Order management systems (OMS) helps automate every step of the order management across channels. It also offers integration to various technology solutions such as Cloud and SaaS-enabled platforms to maximize the success and efficiency of the process. This tech solution allows brands to manage thousands of orders coming in from multiple sales channels and also aggregates data within a single interface.

But, with a plethora of order management solutions available online, choosing the best technology solution can be tricky. To make it easier for you, here is a list of OMS tools that you can use for order fulfillment.


NetSuite offers a cloud-based order management system specifically for eCommerce businesses.


ZOHO is also a cloud-based order management solution and is suitable for managing your orders across multiple channels.


Veeqo’s order management system offers you many features to make order management a simplified task for your business.


TradeGecko order management system is designed to help eCommerce businesses manage customer data, order data, warehouse data, and inventory data successfully on one platform.


Salesorder offers an order management system that deals with both inventory and order management and provides you with software that can integrate all aspects into one.

Logistics Solution

An efficient logistics solution manages the flow of resources from manufacturing points to the consumption center. The demand for effective logistics management solutions has gained importance in the global markets. In fact, eCommerce companies across the globe are facing various challenges with shipping such as same-day delivery, customer anticipations, regulatory compliance, etc. These issues have put forth the requirement of a shipping solution for streamlined processes and an optimized flow of data within the organizational boundaries.

E-commerce shipping solutions enable real-time tracking of every shipment from the warehouse to the customer’s doorstep. The retailer can also determine the right courier partner that can provide the best rates for a particular region and according to the retailer’s business requirements. The right shipping solution also ensures that every shipment is done with correct labeling standards and applicable trade regulations. Retailers with a shipping platform have the ability to analyze factors in real-time such as distance, speed to delivery, package size, and density that might affect carrier landscape. They can visualize how and where changes occur in the fulfillment process.

Many eCommerce businesses use a shipping solution in combination with an OMS to fill gaps in their system. Here are the 5 best shipping software for eCommerce businesses:


Shiprocket offers a comprehensive and full-featured shipping management platform for eCommerce businesses. With Shiprocket, automate your shipping, orders, and payment status without manually syncing your websites each time through an automated panel.


Shyplite.com is a logistics technology platform that provides a single platform for enabling a greater degree of automation in fulfillment processes.


Pickrr is a SAAS based logistics solution that is changing the way merchants handle eCommerce fulfillment for their customer anywhere in the world.


It is an efficient logistics system for your online business that manages your customer reach and eCommerce fulfillment by offering improved and timely deliveries.


Dash101 is one of the best eCommerce shipping platforms that offers business owners and entrepreneurs a comprehensive platform to manage their order creation, shipment process, reverse logistics, bulk shipping, COD, return management, secured delivery, and much more.

Automated Technology Solution

Automated technology solutions in eCommerce ensure streamlining order accuracy, shipment tracking, traceability, and speedy delivery. That translates to online merchants sending the right product, in the right condition, in the right quantity, at the right time.

With an automated fulfillment solution methods such as picking and packing operations can be improved utilizing technology such as automatic box cutting & resizing, order fulfillment solutions, robotic palletizing, automated loading, precision robotics labeling, sortation solutions, software integration, and other services.

This enables an expedited fulfillment process that allows e-commerce businesses to better meet customer expectations on promised delivery dates. Here is a list of technology tools to automate your eCommerce fulfillment:

Shopify Expandly

Shopify Expandly is an automated inventory sync tool that automatically updates your stock levels across sales channels.


Mesa offers the ability to automate multiple systems of your eCommerce business by creating a foundation of automation for your whole eCommerce fulfillment process.


ChannelApe automates your warehouse and shipping needs through a centralized platform. It can also automate tasks such as order tagging, courier company selection, distributed order management, and other things.


Gorgias is an automated technology solution that can automate customer service tasks. You can set up automated responses to common customers’ questions from within the Gorgias system itself.


Ecomdash is another automation tool that automates all the aspects of store inventory management in real-time. It is a complete solution to eCommerce fulfillment needs that covers business operation areas such as order and inventory management, dropshipping management, and shipping management.

Wrapping Up

Overall, new technology solutions in e-commerce fulfillment are intended to make it easier for companies to gain access to all of the modern tech tools to manage fulfillment. It is always better to take advantage of technology rather than attempting to manually manage the process of e-commerce fulfillment. You can also engage a third-party logistics company to manage eCommerce fulfillment typically and offer access to all the latest automation systems for a completely streamlined experience.

So, what other fulfillment technology solutions you want to add to the list? Please tell in the comments section below.

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