Construction YouTube Channels

Construction YouTube Channels

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Life is about learning new things; every true expert knows they are actually far from it. 

YouTube has been a fast-growing medium over the past decade. Not only is it a place for entertainment, this video streaming platform has become a hub for educational media. From music and gaming to construction and home services tutorials, there’s a YouTube channel for just about everything. 

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best construction YouTube channels in their respective specializations. Interested in gaining some more industry knowledge? Read on and get ready to hit that subscribe button! 

Home Building and Renovation

On YouTube, there are several channels dedicated to home building and renovation projects, offering invaluable advice and tutorials for your upcoming construction endeavors. Be it advice on construction techniques or inspiration for home improvement initiatives – these channels have you covered.

Channels dedicated to home building and renovation projects

Let’s take a look at some top YouTube channels dedicated to home building and renovation projects, offering tips and tricks that will help make your work easier.

  • “Modern Builds” – This channel boasts over 1.62 million subscribers and provides a practical approach to DIY carpentry, business talks and renovation projects.
  • “She Who Dares, Wins” – For women in the construction field, “She Who Dares, Wins” is a must-watch. Michelle Hands, a site engineer, gives handy tips on how fellow female builders can navigate the industry. 
  • “NS Builders” – If you’re interested in high-end homes, check out “NS Builders”; they demonstrate how to build and fix up fancy residences. 

Heavy Equipment and Machinery

There are many YouTube channels dedicated to showing how heavy equipment is used in the construction industry.

Channels showcasing heavy equipment and machinery used in construction

Watching heavy machinery is exciting! These channels could prove particularly useful to construction teams, contractors and builders who wish to gain more insight.

  • “Amazing Earthmovers” features video after video of big machines doing hard work,  from giant diggers and large trucks to powerful cranes and more. 
  • “Mega Machines Channel” also showcases large scale construction tools used on job sites – you’ll see large diggers working hard to get the job done. 
  • “Heavy Equipment Operator” shows what it’s like to control massive construction machinery from behind its controls.

Structural Engineering and Construction Technology

For construction professionals, engineers and everyone in between, YouTube has it all. 

Channels focusing on structural engineering and the latest construction technologies

If you want to stay in the know with the most recent technology in construction, YouTube is a great resource. This next section highlights channels specializing in structural engineering and the latest advancements in construction technology: 

  • “The B1M” – The B1M is an invaluable source for everything construction-related. They explore incredible projects, investigate building phenomena, and offer historical and future concepts of building. This channel also stands out as having one of the largest global followings for all things construction-related.
  • “Interesting Engineering” covers more than just buildings and machines! This channel takes a look at breakthrough technologies in science and even cultural phenomena. 
  • “Do Not Settle” – Produced by two architects and designers, this channel takes viewers on an international journey by highlighting individual approaches to architecture in different cities across the world.

Why listen to construction YouTube channels? 

YouTube isn’t just a place to get lost in funny parody songs and cute cat videos. The video sharing platform can provide value in a number of ways, for several people, including industry professionals. 

Learning is a lifelong process and platforms like YouTube help people of all walks of life to learn something new and improve themselves. With so many industry experts out there with unique ways of building or problem-solving, there are many opportunities for you to improve your craft and your revenue. 

Subscribing to a professional construction YouTuber is a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry, hear from the experts, troubleshoot new equipment, and learn the best tricks and processes for your construction business. 

Never stop learning!