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How Important Is Essay Writing Skills In The Educational System

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:24 am

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Students write essays all the way from the middle to graduate school. These essays help tutors and examiners to assess the ability of a student to comprehend the content taught in class.

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Many students detest the idea of writing essays. The challenges range from understanding the tough academic writing rules to spending endless hours in the library researching about the essays. Despite all these challenges, a student should endeavor to acquire and improve his essay writing skills. Why are these skills necessary in the education system?

Essay writing contributes to your academic performance

Essays are a part of the normal school assessment system. Each of the essays you write will eventually contribute to your performance at the end of the semester or year. Cumulatively, all the essays determine the eventual performance during graduation.

Academic performance plays a significant role in your career success. Employers are interested in the best-performing graduates. As such, every essay you write will contribute to your overall grade and determine your career direction in the long run.

Essays will win you awards, grants, and scholarships

Essays are not restricted to the class environment. Institutions offering grants, scholarships, and awards demand that the applications be accompanied by essays. Since you will not learn to write when applying for a grant or scholarship, it helps to arm yourself with the skills early.

The grants, scholarships, and awards will change your academic, social, and professional life. They come with money that will guarantee a better college experience through the availability of finances to buy learning materials. You may also get a chance to study in some of the most prestigious colleges around the world. These opportunities have a tremendous effect on the trajectory of your career.

Essays raise your profile in academics

Scholars and students around the world are looking for the best scholarly ideas in books, articles, and essays, among other academic materials. Your idea will only stand out if you can present it articulately in an essay.

A winning essay is written in the right format. It features in-depth research and has citations indicating all the reference materials used. The essay must also be properly edited so that ideas are not misrepresented. When your paper meets such conditions, it will capture the attention of scholars. Everyone will want to read your paper once it is out. You will receive invitations to represent your class and school in competitions.

An essays is an avenue to express your academic prowess

Your academic prowess is best expressed through an essay. Essay topics are instances to discuss, analyze, compare, contrast, and synthesize ideas. It is by writing that readers understand your stand on particular issues.

Academic ideas are important for your school work and career prosperity. Once you come up with an idea, your examiner will determine whether it warrants a top mark. At the same time, you may present the idea to an investor as a business or innovation. It may also form the next sociology, philosophy, political, business, or religious theory, among others. Your essay writing skills will determine the reception you get from the academic world.

Essays prepare you for exam scenarios

Essay writing is an academic exercise. You express ideas and examine theories to fulfill academic requirements. Unconsciously, you are preparing for a similar exercise during examinations.

The topics you handle during an essay are similar to what you encounter in an exam. As you learn to write the introduction of your paper, body, and conclusion, you are preparing for what you will be expected to do during the exam. It makes exams easier to handle. You will also produce better results when it is time to sit for the exams.

Writing essays save you the trouble of relying on other people

Writing skills are necessary in every aspect of your life. You will be required to make applications, explain yourself, and express your ideas while in college and after graduation. Once you master writing, you will no longer depend on other people to capture your ideas.

Depending on other people to write your letters or applications is cumbersome. It delays your work because you have to wait for their most convenient time. A poor writer will also have to pay other people to write on his behalf. You can avoid such challenges and inconveniences by mastering your writing skills.

Academic writing forms an ordinary part of the life of a scholar

Education opens different paths in the life of a graduate. You may go into employment or start a business. Another option is working in the academic field as a scholar. You carry out research, write papers, supervise other scholars, and contribute to the existing academic knowledge.

It is one of the most rewarding professionals. You get to develop theories, work with businesses to sharpen ideas, and teach the future generation about your profession. If you want to become a professor, scholar, and academician, you must master essay writing skills.

Essays will develop your analytical and critical thinking skills

School is supposed to grow your intellectual ability. In your interactions with different theories and ideas, you master better analysis as well as critical thinking. Your perspective in life also changes.

Writing is crucial in developing your critical thinking and analytical skills. The process of writing involves the choice of words, phrases, and sentences, ensuring that they are the best fit for a situation. Academic writing also involves heavy research, meaning that you engage with multiple scholars. As you read into their books and articles, you analyze their approach to issues. In the process of writing, you also learn to choose the best ideas.

The engaging and taxing essay writing exercise plays a bigger role than just your academic grades. It prepares you for exams where you will be required to write extensively. Once you are done with school, you will need the skills to write your proposals, applications, and express your ideas. It is one of the skills that will never run out of fashion.