Find Developers in 2022

How to Find Developers in 2022

Last updated on May 10th, 2023 at 08:16 am

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Having software developers, technical support, and digital aid in 2022 is a must. A startup’s ability to identify software developers and recruit them based on their skills and experience might be difficult. Companies wanting to employ a software developer may find it challenging due to financial constraints and a lack of appropriate technical expertise.

Nonetheless, it is not required for every company founder to be technically competent and knowledgeable to identify and employ qualified staff like those at Sunbytes and other similar development companies. There are a variety of cost-effective alternative methods for managing your technical team available.

In the same way, several other critical company activities demand your immediate attention. Likely, you will not be able to put everything else aside and concentrate solely on your technical team. Also, let us not forget that, in this day and age, teamwork and specialists are critical to the success of a company venture. And did you know that many firms fail as an outcome of a lack of a well-trained workforce?

As a result, it is critical to understand the different technical teams, locate developers, and employ them to make an informed decision.

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Skills You Should Look for When Hiring Software Developers

A pitfall to avoid is the temptation to check up on the technical specifications of your future product and say things like, “I need someone knowledgeable in Javascript, Node.js, and React.js,” referring to specific abilities and technologies. This will make it easier to recruit coders online. Right?

Not exactly!

If anything, having a surgically exact list of criteria is not something to be proud of – it just narrows your range of vision. Instead of getting stuck in a rut of only seeking certain skill sets, configure your radar to hunt for folks that have strong developer-like brains rather.

What is the Significance of Selecting the Most Qualified Software Developer for the Job?

“Quality and economic prosperity are strongly intertwined.” If you try to provide a high-quality product or service, you will undoubtedly find yourself in a better position in the future than you are currently. Every business in first-world nations has an online footprint to create brand awareness, which is increasingly important.

Whether directly or indirectly, your company’s software platform (mobile applications and websites) reflects your network reach and the level of knowledge of your target audience. Therefore, it is critical to grasp the many types of full-time development teams, the vetting process for finding web developers, and the various job boards available on the internet. When employing freelance computer programmers for a task, you should first determine your top priorities and requirements before beginning a freelancing search.

Ways to Find Yourself the Finest Software Developers:


First and foremost, we have referrals. These may come from your workers, colleagues, friends, family members, business partners, or anybody else in your network.

Simply asking around in your network for references and encouraging them to ask their network is an effective way to obtain referrals. The most prominent benefit of this model is that you will have direct communication with the developer. The person who suggested you to the developer may have worked with the developer in the past (and can vouch for them).

Additionally, suppose a member of the potential developer’s network recommends you. In that case, the prospective developer is more likely to trust you and is more willing to cooperate with you if the prospective developer has alternative offers.

However, keep in mind that the diversity of your network will restrict the number of developers you will be able to reach if you use this strategy. Nonetheless, this is still one of the most effective methods of locating excellent coders.

Use Your Network

Improve the quality of your current network by including stuff that may be of interest to programmers. Once again, sponsored material or corporate announcements might be used to attract attention.

Your workers will benefit from LinkedIn Elevate because it provides high-quality shareable material that will influence potential recruits in their networks. People are more inclined to believe workers than they are to think a recruiter’s pitch. People that utilise this technique, according to studies, are more productive.

Create a referral chain, and hold referral contests or referral programmes in which members are rewarded for their efforts. Including recommendations or testimonials on your website is one of the most effective methods to humanise your company.

Find Developers through a Staff Augmentation Service

If you live in America and wish to hire a remote employee from Australia, the recruiting procedure may be extremely time-consuming and challenging. As a result, contacting local recruiters is the most effective approach to overcome this obstacle. Numerous firms that provide staff augmentation services may be found online. You should have no trouble finding one.

First and foremost, they will review your requirements and keep you in touch with the developers who promptly satisfy your needs. After that, you may pick and choose which one you want to work with. They claim that you can pay a specific sum to the local recruiters.

You may rely on them to manage and maintain your resources, infrastructure, and developer, ensuring that the developer doesn’t abandon your project amid the process.

Freelance Platforms

If you’re looking for a freelance developer, employing a freelancing platform is perhaps the quickest and most convenient option available. There are a plethora of alternatives available. However, freelance platforms can be divided into two groups: general and niche.

General: The most well-known freelancing platforms, such as Freelancer, Upwork, and Guru, will fall within this category. Developers can be found among a variety of different types of freelancers on this site. Prices can range from extremely low to quite costly. There is, however, a significant drawback to generic freelancing sites: there is no verification of developers, which means that anybody may pretend to be a developer on those platforms.

However, there are niche sites that have been created specifically to locate independent developers. These will often have a more thorough vetting process and processes in place to assist you in finding the most qualified candidates. This can considerably speed up the recruiting process. However, it may be slightly more expensive initially.

Developer Communities and Discussion Forums

Another excellent technique to employ is to become engaged in developer communities or forums available online. There’s a good chance you’ll find the developer you’re looking for or someone who can refer you to one.

It’s convenient to go over the profiles of potential candidates and schedule interviews with those that pass your initial screening. When it comes to developer communities, one of the most important disadvantages is that each community has its own set of rules that must be followed. This implies that you will be required to put in significantly more effort and time before attempting to recruit (if it is not against their rules), making the process more time-consuming.

Reddit, Hashnode, CodeProject, and Dzone are just a few of the fantastic development communities you should check out.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is one of the largest developer communities available on the internet, and you can join there for free. On this site, a large number of developers discuss code and engage with one another. It is recommended to search for the most active members in specific areas, review their profiles, and contact those of interest to you to discover suitable prospects.

Alternatives include posting a position on Stack Overflow’s employment board and seeing who responds to your advertisement. What matters most about Stack Overflow is the easy access you have to a considerable number of developers who are available at any time. Finding local developers to work with will be more difficult as a result of this change. There is also a charge to post a position on their job sites, which must be paid.


With LinkedIn Talent Solutions, recruiters can post positions, source talent, and promote the company’s brand in a streamlined manner. LinkedIn has more than 400 million members! To achieve the best outcomes, always put politeness first. Potential applicants will perceive the personal brand you project as a reflection of the company’s brand.

In addition to a nice cover photo, an exciting descriptive headline, and a narrative that shows your professional biography and the business culture, goals, and successes in the best possible light, a strong recruitment profile also includes applicant expectations.

Encourage conversations to help you grow your brand. Create a reputation as a thought leader by producing engaging, informative material, whether it is curated or created entirely by you. Create a separate career page from your company’s main page. The analytics tools that are already built-in may be used to gather important information for data-driven recruiting.

Increase your audience’s interest in your company’s operations by providing them with intriguing status updates. Sponsored updates are an excellent way to reach suitable applicants. If your firm is hosting a Swift hackathon, you may sponsor an update for local software developers and students, increasing your network.

The dashboard included may track impressions, engagement, clicks, shares, likes, and conversions. Note that you cannot submit sponsored updates unless you have a company page and an advertising account.


With the help of these suggestions, you may attract the most talented programmers who are searching for a challenging and lucrative jobs. Finding them, to be honest, maybe a difficult task. Whatever source you choose, keep in mind that you should select a developer who has a vision and dedication compatible with your company’s values.