Our Software Testing Predictions for Next 10 Years

Our Software Testing Predictions for Next 10 Years

Last updated on April 7th, 2024 at 01:01 pm

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We’ve witnessed an overwhelming evolution of the software testing industry over the last decade. This rapid development is keeping both developers and testers on their toes as they seek to up their game day by day to stay relevant and competent. Even businesses now need to be more conscious of what’s best in terms of security and performance.

As time passes by, people are now more welcoming to the idea of testing as an early activity in the SDLC. The adoption of DevOps and Agile by organizations worldwide had a major role in this. Each one of them had one common goal: faster delivery. There was also a surge in the use of service-oriented architecture and virtualization along with cloud computing. This drove many testing tool vendors to become a software testing company and provide testing services.

Based on our research, observation, and experience, we have made a list of predictions that will define how software testing’s landscape will evolve over the next 10 years.

Open-Source Tools are the Future

We predict that an increasing number of businesses will adopt open-source tools for proper implementation of test automation, DevOps, and Agile within their organizations. The activeness and involvement of support communities for such tools will continuously surge.

High Quality at High Speed is the Primary Mantra

Speed plus quality, what else can organizations ask for. They want to deliver quality products as quickly as possible for providing improved user experiences. The expectations for speed and quality will only increase from the point we’re at with the latest tools and technologies at the disposal of software testing and development teams.

Jobs in Software Testing will be Highly Valued

Software Development Engineers in Test (SDETs) are a part of the workforce for a couple of decades. However, their roles, initially, were very different from the typical testing roles. Now, almost all testers will require needing an SDET hat to be successful in the field of Test Automation.

DevOps and Agile will Continue to Prevail and TCoEs will evolve

Organizations have been moving away from Testing Centers of Excellence in the last few years. This ‘away’ shift will now be reversed to ‘toward’ TCoEs. Agility combined with well-governed and centralized testing will help organizations achieve greater quality.

Digital Transformation Will Continue to Slay

Digital is inevitable. Without digitalization, organizations won’t be able to survive. Digital transformation will require a huge shift of focus towards digital testing. Digital assurance will require a software testing company to leverage robust strategies to focus on optimizing functional testing across channels.

Big Data Testing Has BIG Future

With Zillions of data at our hands, we need a very strong strategy and big data and analytics testing is the answer. Practically, every advancement happening relies on proper analytics and data. Testing datasets require highly analytical frameworks, techniques, and tools. This would emphasize the implementation of proper analysis and big data testing.