QA Test Management Tools

Gone are the days when developers worked in isolation. Agile and DevOps environment developers, testers, and engineers on one platform. Due to the faster delivery release cycles and quality assurance, development teams work together to achieve their expected goals. Teams are expected to produce the best products using their resourcesContinue Reading

Instagram Marketing For Ecommerce Website

With more than 300 million users, Instagram is a leading social media platform today. Due to its massive user base, every famous brand has an online presence on Instagram. The fact that it is a great marketing platform encourages every business, including popular brands as well as startups, to benefitContinue Reading

Healthcare Apps

Healthcare is an evolving industry. Every day presents a different challenge. A disease outbreak mandates an emergency protocol. Chronic diseases make a cause for increased research. Technological advances enable new medical devices and procedures to be operational. As these advances are made, the apps must be tested regularly for theirContinue Reading

Top Software Testing Tools 2020

The ever-changing software delivery process calls for more robust software testing processes and tools. In the Agile and DevOps environment, organizations ensure faster software delivery while focusing on quality. Test automation is the recent talk of the town, has gained popularity amongst organizations using Agile and DevOps methodologies. Software testingContinue Reading

Big Data Is The Next Game Changer

Big Data, automation techniques, smart technology, and advanced analytics are changing the dynamics of every industry. Whether it is retail, commercial properties, electronics or even insurance industry, there are thousands of use-cases and implementations of Big Data found everywhere. In the digital era, when technology adaptation is not a trendContinue Reading

Real Estate Property

The title of the article here is explaining the job of a lawyer who assists the clients with their property matters. If you are planning to buy the property or you have had experience with buying property in the past, then you should have an idea about the matters. YouContinue Reading