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QA Project – 3 Important Success Factors

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:29 am

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This modern age of technology has forced organizations to quickly adapt to the advanced way of operating their business, to better serve their targeted customers while giving a neck to neck competition to their competitors. But with the rule of technology all around the globe, everyone is in hurry either of getting respective project results or meeting their user’s expectations before their competitors. With this much reliance on technology, the success of a software product in the market is difficult to achieve because every single day there comes up a startup with some innovation and a more unique feature set. Therefore it is becoming more and more important for organizations to pay significant attention to the quality assurance process when they plan to develop a software product. Because quality is one such element that can enable an organization to be a market leader. 

For a successful software product and an app, a successful Quality assurance process is indeed the basic requirement. But what is a successful quality assurance process?

In this article we have come up with 3 important success factors of the QA project;

Good planning –  You might have heard the phrase like a good planner is an achiever. But software product development plans and software testing plan can be very challenging. You have to check for your manual tester’s capabilities, the tools you have and the tools you may require, the loopholes in the testing environment, the requirements and specifications, etc. 

Planning is not just about making a list of your requirements and essentials for the project. However, planning is a strategic move towards your project goals achievement. Normally planning is often done by the upper management of the organizations yet if the planning phase involves some freedom of voice from testers and developers as well, undoubtedly the plan will prove to be a great hit. 

Communication is a key to success – No doubt communication is the one best key towards the success of any project. Appropriate and accurate Internal team communication will enable every single team member to be on the same page when it comes to knowing the status of a project or information about any stage of the QA process. Similarly, communication with clients is also important for the sake of avoiding any requirement glitches. 

No matter which project level you invest in, the improvement in communication will always benefit. Communication delays and communicating the problem in the right way are the most difficult tasks, and good communication skills can help achieve the same goal.

Use of Appropriate Tools – The use of an appropriate set of tools is very important for the success of a project. Why? Because tools are great at making the overall process an easy task for manual testers. Managing repetitive test cases, hunting, and detecting a pool of errors, reporting, and communication, etc can be easily tackled with the use of test management systems, bug management tools, and other software testing tools in this regard.