Role of Agile in Banking and Financial

Role of Agile in Banking and Financial Services Industry

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:30 am

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Among all the success factors of digital transformation, agility is one of the most important ones and applies to banks and the financial services industry. To compete with the fast-moving digital world, banks have to move from legacy operational processes. Their aim is to create a good experience which is the key success factor in the banking industry. Banks can improve quality, increase market responsiveness, and sustainability to strengthen their grounds. They also need a software testing company that partners to move to agile practices from legacy systems. 

The growing complexities and disruptions in the banking industry have created the need for adopting agile methodologies. Agile de-risks the digital angle of your business strategy. Over the years, banks have implemented new IT technologies and experienced huge and costly failures. Since there is a paradigm shift, client expectations are changing at a faster pace, so it is difficult to plan everything ahead of time. With an agile approach, banks can solve the pain points in this journey and build a strong market reputation.

Agile practices simplify banking processes and reduce risk factors but banks need to follow a proactive approach to adopt and implement agile. Although Agile principles were devised for software development processes, they can be applied to other areas of an organization, including marketing, human resources, and customer services. When banks move to agile transformation they achieve success through their first attempt at agile initiatives. Agile requires flexibility, and with banks paving their way further, set higher customer expectations. In order for banks to transform their processes according to consumer needs, they need to incorporate five important elements such as strategy, structure, people, process, and technology. 

Banks need to follow a pragmatic approach to introduce agile solutions. So, getting right with agile methodology is the only way to achieve success. Let’s have a look at the right way of going agile:

Develop A Culture

Agle is all about the individuals as much as it is about tools and processes. It is important for a software testing company to develop a culture of change amongst the employees of an organization. While adopting an agile methodology, teams should also be open and willing to change. So with the right people and a cultural changing mindset, financial firms can achieve almost any delivery method. 


There is no one-size-fits-all solution for organizations adopting agile methodologies. It is just about combinations of what works for a banking institution and what does not. Hence, the flexibility of processes, tools, and ways to integrate play an important role in its success. 

Technological Changes

Once you embed the cultural change in your employees, the technology area becomes easier. It is mainly because hurdles in technology adoption arise due to the inflexibility of people. Once you have established credibility, it becomes easier to introduce and implement new technology. 


The agile adoption failure rate is much higher than the success. Organizations cannot figure out the reason behind their failure, as they follow the best practices. A software testing company ensures helping banks face the challenges and disruption caused due to technological advancements.