Advantages Of Using Bitcoin

Top Advantages Of Using Bitcoin In Day to Day Living

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:24 am

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When Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, first came up with said currency, the idea behind it was to offer people a new form of money with a decentralized nature that could be used with much more ease and comfort. While nobody can deny Bitcoin’s reach in the world and the vast popularity it has amassed and continues to amass on an almost daily basis, with media outlets from all walks of life, even including sports betting news platforms all constantly speaking about Bitcoin left and right, for everyday people, this crypto continues to be an estranged subject.

Everywhere you look around, especially online, you see stories and reports about how Bitcoin is on its way to becoming one of the most pivotal and beneficial sources in money for the immediate and long-lasting future. But while most of those reports and studies are focused on the bigger business-driven side of life, what about the advantages and benefits of using Bitcoin for day-to-day living? Here we bring you some of the top advantages that using Bitcoin in day-to-day living can offer people.

Top Of The Line Privacy Regulations

Nowadays, especially with the conditions that our world has had to go through, making all kinds of online monetary transactions has become a definite go-to for people from all walks of life. Be it that you’re looking to pay for services, paying for essentials, or whichever other endeavor you can think of, online transactions have become the way to go. This has been something that many online scammers and hackers have grown aware of and have taken advantage of in the hopes of being able to commit their wrongdoings on innocent online bystanders, especially because of the vast amounts of personal information that is dealt with when performing any monetary online operation.

Given that online business dealings, like shopping or making bank wires and transactions, require copious amounts of personal information and data to be able to properly identify each customer, many of these processes end up becoming soft targets for internet scammers and criminals. With cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, for example, all transactions are done in a way where each customer’s privacy settings and data management helps up to the highest standards of security and privacy. Bitcoin transactions are not anonymous or anything of the matter, but they do hold various security and privacy settings to ensure that each transaction is handled most appropriately and soundly. Each customer is usually identified by using a personal blockchain address, from which they conduct all of their dealings, cutting out any unnecessary intermediary sources that could lead to personal data breaches. 

No Banking Fees, Local or International

One of the main struggles that people usually run into when concocting any sort of business, is having to pay for at times unfair and overinflated banking and intermediary fees to be able to do their dealings. Be it through currency exchange fees, deposit and withdrawal fees, or any other fees that banking and monetary organizations can think of, usually, the customer is left on the wrong side of that equation, having to pay to be able to use their money and assets. On the flip side of this situation we have another great advantage of using Bitcoin for a day-to-day living though, the fact that when making transactions or deals with Bitcoin, there are no incurring banking fees to worry about.

Given that Bitcoin, as well as all other cryptocurrencies, are managed under a decentralized concept of existence and functioning, Bitcoin falls out of the category of currencies that are subjected to the conundrums that are banking fees of any sort. Because there is no economic organization supervising every movement made with Bitcoin there are no account maintenance charges to care off, no fees for maintaining balances, no charges for overdrafts, no charges whatsoever. And not just that, when dealing with wire transfers both local and international, Bitcoin users are usually met with some of the lowest transaction fees, again because no government or banking institutions are playing as unnecessary middlemen in the transactions. If you add to this, the facilities that come with Bitcoin transfers, especially not having to deal with waiting for movement authorizations and other issues, using Bitcoin for day-to-day purposes will always continue to gain an upper hand over regular banking transactions.