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Top Beginner Tips And Tricks For Call of Duty: Warzone

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:24 am

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Whether you’re playing the battle Royale mode or Plunder in Warzone, you need all the help available to perform better. It has never been easy for a beginner to play against 149 enemies in Warzone and win. That’s why it’s even safer to play with others in duos or quads than play alone. By that, someone else can protect your back and even save you if you fail the Gulag 1vs1 deathmatch.

But does it mean you can’t play better or even win in Warzone? You can be a great team player and fighter with the information we will share below. This article contains pro tips and tricks to help your game. We also encourage you to use Warzone Aimbot at the start of your adventure to play better. 

With that said, let’s discuss some of the strategies you need. 

Warzone Top Beginner Tips And Tricks For Call of Duty

  • Horn your skills with Campaign 

The first tip to consider is playing the Campaign before Multiplayer. If you don’t have anything to offer as a team member, you will only drag the others down with your clumsiness. Also, prepare for a quick death. So, play the Campaign and practice some strategies first. This mode is friendly because fewer enemies are there to attack you. You can use it to learn about corners, weapons, and even how to survive better in the Multiplayer modes. 

  • Don’t forget to customize your loadout. 

It is safer to play with the weapons of your choice. These items encompass the guns, perks, equipment, attachments, and other items that will enhance your performance. Customizing your loadout means that you’ll take your time to select all these items and get them while in the game. So, the first thing to arrange is the weapons before joining the war.  Visit the Weapon’s menu and prepare that package you will need to survive. 

  • Land fast and search for starting weapons  

Once you land on the Verdansk map, your priority should be to get the weapons that can help you fight. First, you need to find a gun through looting. There are many good places to loot on the map for the best weapons. Some of them include Promenade East, Downtown, Train Station, Airport, and Quarry. If you land in these places, you can find good weapons for fighting before the Loadout drop. But be careful, too, as other players will be targeting them as well. 

  • Make your cash fast

Cash is vital in Warzone as it helps you to secure many items and valuable weapons. But the most important is to buy your “Loadout drop” at the Buy Stations. So, once you land, try to make money through contracts, open looting, or searching dead players. The amount depends on your needs. Remember, you need $10,000 for the Loadout drop and at least $4000 each for other things like UAV re-deployment or buying your team member from the Gulag if he loses the match. 

  • Always double-check a downed enemy.

This tip is important as it can save your life. Sometimes you might shoot an enemy but don’t actually kill him. If such a thing happens, the enemy might use the Self Revive kit to revive himself and fire at you. So, always confirm by maybe adding a headshot to emphasize your dominance. But make sure that you’re not putting yourself in danger when checking the downed enemy. 

  • Don’t joke with armor plates.

If you don’t want to die from headshots, always armor up. The first time, your plates will be 2, which provides 100HP. You can carry 3 extra plates on your body to increase the HP to 250. However, you have the opportunity to equip an additional 5 and keep it handy for when the others suffer damages. Also, the equipped ones can help your teammates if their HP is low. So, please don’t ignore the plates since they protect your health. 

  • Always add perks to your loadout. 

There are many perks in Warzone, but some are more awesome during the battles. Some of our top favorites include Cold-Blooded, High Alert, Ghost, Overkill, Spotter, etc. Cold-Blooded is our top pick because it protects you against thermal scopes and even the High Alert perk. High Alert tells you when an enemy is watching you, especially when playing the game as a Solo player. Ghost perk protects you against Heartbeat Sensors and UAVs, while Overkill helps you to fight after respawning.  Lastly, Spotter allows you to hack Proximity Mines and Claymores. 


If you’re playing Warzone but struggling with it, use the tips and tricks above to up your game. But if you want to enjoy the game faster without learning everything, grab the external tools available for Warzone. But no matter what, always remember that making enough Cash and buying your Loadout drops can change your overall performance.