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Where can I find promotional codes

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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Promotional codes are a convenient and free opportunity to save your money on the Internet. Where can you find them? There are several options for searching for promotional codes.

In mailings and on the websites of online stores.

When registering in your personal account on the site of almost any online store, you will be prompted to subscribe to its newsletter. Subscribe to such a newsletter and the store will sometimes send you promotional codes for a discount.

But immediately get ready for the fact that in addition to promotional codes and lucrative offers, a lot of advertisements from this store will come to your inbox. Also, some stores periodically publish promotional codes directly on their home page or on the pages of various promotions. Pay attention to these offers in order not to miss out on the benefits.

In social networks

Nowadays, most online stores have their own groups on social networks. Very often in such groups, promotional codes for a discount for subscribers are published. So, in my opinion, it makes sense to subscribe to such groups. Also, promotional codes of various stores can be published in popular communities dedicated to online shopping.

On coupon sites

There are special sites like offering bershka discount code on the Internet that collects and publish discount coupons for many online stores and services. These sites are called coupon sites like Coupon sites publish a variety of promotional codes for popular online stores. Coupons are conveniently categorized by category, store, and more. As a rule, coupons on such sites are constantly updated to provide users with only relevant offers.

On the sites of cashback services

In addition to coupon sites, there are cashback sites on the network that return a percentage of the value of the product back to the buyer if he bought it through this site. But apart from that, they also collect and publish on their pages a large variety of discount coupons for popular online stores.

On forums

Although forums have recently lost ground, giving way to social networks, you can still find quite popular platforms on the Internet where users share promotional codes for purchases.

Where to find Aliexpress coupons

Perhaps the most generous of various coupons is the Chinese site Aliexpress. Here you can really save a lot by using coupons. True, this mainly refers to purchases for more or less significant amounts, but even on small purchases here you can save a dollar or two if you know where to find discount coupons. Where can you find coupons on Aliexpress? There are several types of coupons for Aliexpress:

Seller coupons: These are the most common coupons on Aliexpress. They are given by the sellers themselves and they are valid only from the seller from whom you received them. It is very easy to find such coupons. Many sellers publish them directly on the product page. All you have to do is click on the “Get coupons” link.

Aliexpress Coupons:  Aliexpress continually gives coupons to new customers and distributes them through games on its mobile app. Also, such coupons can be obtained by exchanging for coins. These coupons apply to all products on AliExpress, regardless of category and seller.

Special  coupons :

such coupons are also distributed by the Aliexpress platform itself. They can be won or purchased with coins. But you can’t spend them everywhere. The prefix “special” means that such coupons are accepted only by those stores that participate in the special coupon program. These are

Browser extensions for searching promo codes

Promotional codes are a great way to save money online. But there is one problem – it is very difficult to find a suitable promotional code. You can browse a bunch of sites, try dozens of found promotional codes, and the result will be zero. But how great it would be if, when you go to any online store, someone offered you promotional codes for this particular store. Do you think this is fantastic? No, this has long been a reality. All you need to do for this is to install an extension in your browser, which will warn you about the presence of promotional codes when visiting stores.