Affordable Land in the US

Where to Find an Affordable Land in the US

Last updated on May 10th, 2023 at 08:55 am

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With the US population being 331 million and the high cost of living in different states, it’s still the dream for most American to own land. The specifics of their dream have changed only a little bit to counter the growing inequality of incomes.

For example, it would be very expensive to buy land in Chicago or Los Angeles as a middle-income earner. Still, there are a considerable number of states that sell inexpensive land depending on the amount of money you have or the size you want to buy. You should check the cost of living reports of different states and then decide which state is suitable for you.

Whether you want to invest or build a home, the following are places you can get yourself affordable land at your convenient price.

West Virginia

Western Virginia is one of the best places to buy cheap land if you are the kind of person who loves beautiful scenery. Being nestled on the Appalachian Mountains, Fold Mountains formed during the Ordovician period; it will give you a wide view of North America sceneries depending on the location that you will buy the land. That’s why many people refer to it as a lover’s natural paradise.

It’s home to the famous Ridge Mountains, which is the state’s largest coal industry. Statistics show that Western Virginia’s economy is rapidly growing as a global chemical hub and being one of the best sources of energy.

Energy production is the best way to predict economic progress, with states with high energy requirements or production being associated with positive growth.

Within Morgantown, to the northeastern part of WV, you can find 30-acres for $44,000, or if you wish to be closer to Morgantown, you can get 8 acres for $140,000.

Before buying the land, you need to choose a realtor who knows the area well. Through them, you will get to know which place is better for settlement or small business setup.


Apart from urban and cultural centers, you can get affordable land in Tennessee. Due to the growth or expansion of many businesses in the urban areas, your land in its suburbs is likely to appreciate within a very short period.

With $60,000, you can get a 3-acre lot on the eastern side of the state known for its famous Great Smoky Mountain Range. It borders north California and is a sub-range of the Appalachian Mountains.This cost can drop by almost half in the center of Tennessee, depending on the seller.

Still, there are a lot of opportunities on the outskirts of Memphis, Chattanooga, and Nashville. From these outskirts, you can enjoy the benefits of rural living while being close to the city.

Your realtor might provide you with a list of similar properties in the area and their prices that they have listed for you to make an offer. Be careful to make a realistic price for the property, and don’t forget to include good terms and conditions.


It is a desert state located to the southwest of America and known for its tourism activities. It is home to famous picturesque sites like the Grand Canyon and Painted Desert National Park.

Arizona is one of the fastest-growing states due to its booming economic activities that spark a massive population influx.

If you are looking forward to buying land in the US, Arizona is the best place where you can find a 20-acre with as low as $27,000. Due to its high growth rate, your land is likely to appreciate within a short period.

Before buying the land, you need to make a list of what you want, including price, size, and vegetation cover. Being a desert, the place is likely to have thorny native shrubs that might be dense to co-exist with.


With diverse geography, a mix of forests, mountains, and various wetlands, Arkansas becomes one of the best places to buy land. From Arizona, you can get access to biking, golfing, boating, and fishing.

The cost of living in Arizona is low compared to a state like Chicago, and therefore, it will be easy to buy land to build your vacation spot.

In the northeast, 6-acres of land can cost you approximately $30,000. Too, with the presence of lots of small cities, it’s possible to get several acres at $60,000 without sacrificing your proximity to modern amenities and improved transport or communication.

New Mexico

To the East of Arizona and West of Texas, you can find affordable land with incredible, wonderful sites. New Mexico is home to large portions of the Chihuahuan Desert in the south and the Gila National Forest. It’s a state with Spanish colonial architecture and vibrant local cultures.

With 35,000, you can get about 13-acres of land even in the outskirts of Albuquerque. The rising economy is a clear indication that your land is likely to appreciate at a fast rate.